Movie About Sirius XM Radio Gets Worldwide Distribution Deal Through Mohr Productions

Fans and investors celebrate Sirius XM's rise from the ashes, but will they thank Hollywood?

Hollywood, CA, February 11, 2010 --( Lots of movies get distribution without star names. "Paranormal Activity" was made for a mere 15,000 dollars and boasts an entirely unknown cast. To date, it has generated over 80 million dollars in domestic gross revenue. "It's a new day for independent films," says "Stock Shock" director Sandra Mohr. She should know. Her documentary just landed its own distribution deal and the future is bright.

"Stock Shock," a movie about Sirius XM and the manipulation of the American stock market, was produced in only 3 months. "We wanted to get the story out about corruption on Wall Street as soon as possible," says Mohr. "Investors were losing their shirts and wanted answers. How could banks and good companies be suddenly trading for pennies?" The director admits she had no idea she would be exposed to the corrupt underworld of hedge funds, criminal market managers, and greedy legislators in the process.

She's not the only director attracted by the drama of Wall Street. Michael Moore and Oliver Stone also made films about stock market manipulation and hedge fund schemes. But Sandra Mohr's “Stock Shock” was first out of the gate. The movie exposes a technique known as naked short selling, which has resulted in the collapse of the stock value of some of America’s most promising public companies. Sirius XM, one of the most traded stocks in the market, is dissected in the movie. "Stock Shock" interviews individual investors who saw their stock price hit a high of $9.00/share and then plummet to a horrifying low of 5 cents in 2009.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Host of Issues on CNN Headline News calls the movie "Shocking and eye-opening!" and radio host Jim Puplava of the Financial Sense Newshour says the film "deserves an Academy Award."

"Stock Shock" will be featured at the "Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival" on March 28 at the Laemmle Sunset Theaters in Hollywood, California.

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Denise Hubbard