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Apprentice Mediums – Filming Starts on New Documentary

What do you do when you hear voices or see people, but know you aren’t mad? Who do you turn to? Certainly not Ghostbusters. The circle is where Apprentice Mediums learn to develop their psychic gifts.

Cheltenham, United Kingdom, October 28, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Apprentice Mediums, a 1 hour documentary based on an original concept by Jill Divine and Carol Green.

Filming has started on a new documentary following the journey of Hannah, as she trains to become a Medium. She will be trained by Carol Green, known by her students as the 'Ann Robinson' of Mediums due to her practical and disciplined methods of teaching, and her lack of acceptance of a 'weak link'.

Does she have what it takes to be a modern Medium? Is she prepared for what she will have to go through? And just how do you become a medium?

We will follow Hannah over a 10 week course as she progresses through her journey, seeing her experiences first hand in this unique film.

There have been many programmes showing us how mediums contact the dead in an attempt to give us proof that there is life after death. All of these centre around psychic shows or challenges, but no one has shown us what happens to people who think they are psychic, how it can affect their lives, or how they can develop psychically and spiritually to use this gift.

The circle is where a medium will teach a group of students how to use and develop their psychic understanding. These people come from all walks of life with mixed abilities and understanding. All look at it from different points of view. Some are interested, some just curious, some find it amusing, but all of them are searching for something and all of them will discover that their lives and their relationship with people will change.

Carol Green was for 19 years a civil servant with an Intelligence Agency before becoming a full time professional Spiritual Medium and Tutor. Originating from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in the UK, Carol worked for 5 years in London where she underwent intensive training for her Mediumship in, amongst other places and circles of repute, the College of Psychic Studies, London. Carol was accredited for 18 months to the SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain), Belgrave Square, London and has appeared on the Russell Grant Show on Sky One, where she won the 'psychic challenge'.

Carol is one of the best mediums in the UK and works at various locations in England and Wales. Carol is committed to bringing normality and fun into what is considered an intangible field of work. She incorporates her many skills together with a sense of humour in helping others to understand their gifts and go forward in their lives.

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