Apprentice Mediums Documentary Available On DVD

Filming has finished on Apprentice Mediums. This documentary follows the journey of Hannah, the new apprentice. Does she have what it takes to be a modern Medium? And just how do you become a medium? - June 30, 2007

Can the New Apprentice See Dead People?

The new apprentice finds out she’s not delusional or mad and knows that ‘Anne Robinson’ won’t accept a weak link. - February 05, 2007

Miles Smiles Book will Teach Children How to Spread Their Smile for Miles

A clown teaches children how important a smile is and how it can help with their pain and fears. - November 29, 2006

Children Share their Smiles with Miles Smiles Competition Winner

School for children who are disabled or have special needs celebrate with one of their pupils who was the winner of Miles Smiles colouring competition. - November 02, 2006

Apprentice Mediums – Filming Starts on New Documentary

What do you do when you hear voices or see people, but know you aren’t mad? Who do you turn to? Certainly not Ghostbusters. The circle is where Apprentice Mediums learn to develop their psychic gifts. - October 28, 2006

Author Jill Divine Asks Children to Enter the Miles Smiles Colouring Competition

Miles Smiles book will help to raise a smile on a child's face in hospital. - July 10, 2006

Bears In The Forest Are Discovered To Be Aliens, in a New Book by Jill Divine

Read how with trust and belief you can achieve anything, even escaping and triumphing over aliens. - February 04, 2006

Divinelady Starts Her Mexican Smile On Television

A smile is free to give, free to receive and always welcomed, and is the quickest way to raise the positive energy in the world. - December 09, 2005

Saint Paul Of Tarsus Heals Author

Saint Paul of Tarsus has been dead for 2000 years, bur now he's back and performing "miracles." - November 26, 2005

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