Aviation Analytics Have the Answer for Airport Managers Faced with Only Six Months to Prove Sustained Route Profitability

With domineering airlines appearing to hold the power in the relationship, Aviation Analytics discusses options for airport managers to take control of their business.

Castle Donington, United Kingdom, February 15, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In a recent interview with aviation trade website anna.aero, Michael Cawley, deputy CEO of Ryanair said, “We leave routes if we don’t make sustainable profits after six months”. This is a typical statement from Ryanair, that could send passengers and airport management into a panic.

Ryanair have the luxury of being able to fly-off into the sunset, but where does that leave the airport, and the expectant passengers with holiday bookings or planned visits to friends and family?

According to Aviation Analytics, a specialist aviation data consultancy company, “airport management needs to operate under the same rules as Ryanair and other domineering airlines.” With up to six months to prove a route is profitable, airports need to understand what measure one of the world’s most profitable airlines uses. Gaining insight into total passenger revenue through ticket cost, advance boarding, hold luggage, credit card payment and other fees, is essential to understand route profitability.

“There’s no need to wait six months to see if your airline service provider stays: that information is available in a month” says Jon Soars, Aviation Analytics’ managing director. “The airport can then control events; provide market support, press, or recommend alternative aircraft from the airline fleet”. Using the latest technology to mix passenger volumes, fares, ancillary revenue and aircraft configuration, it is now possible to see what’s profitable and what’s not.

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