Mygazines Launches Universal Mobile Interface for Digital Editions – Says No to Apps

Digital publishing leader Mygazines, announced the launch of the first universal mobile reading interface for reading digital publications. It will be available on the most popular platforms: iPhone, Google Android, iPod Touch and even iPad.

Toronto, Canada, February 19, 2010 --( Digital publishing leader Mygazines, announced today the launch of its cutting- edge, universal mobile reading interface ( making all its digital publications available on the world’s most popular devices: iPhone, Google Android smart-phones, iPod Touch and even iPad.

“With this launch, Mygazines ( has pioneered a single, global system ready for touch-screened gadgets and ready to display thousands of digital books, magazines, catalogs and other kinds of publications,” said Mygazines CEO Yoav Schwartz. “Users can enjoy the benefits without downloading or paying for additional software such as iPhone apps or other specific software.”

The mobile edition is accessed via the same publication URL (e.g. or - the system automatically recognizes the device, and if supported, renders the mobile interface.

“This technology is revolutionary in that it’s device-independent” adds Schwartz “With so many types of devices entering the market, the only consistent element that we can count on lasting the test of time is the internet browser. That’s why we’ve created this interface to adapt to mobile browsers across different devices.”

The mobile interface keeps virtually all of Mygazines’ popular features such as page flipping, article lists, social bookmarking, e-mail sharing, page thumbnails, zoom and internal page links as well as website links. A text-only option is also available to load a page’s textual content via the “T” button on the toolbar. Watch a demo video:

Mygazines further announced that it will soon launch e-commerce on its digital newsstand and put publishers one step ahead. Another product slated for release is Flipbook 3.0, a new vector-based reader for PC, Mac, netbooks, laptops, tablets and any other flash-enabled devices.

About Mygazines:
Founded in 2008, Mygazines delivers thousands of publications to over 200 countries worldwide by offering publishers a digital tool for reducing distribution costs without sacrificing the reader’s experience. Mygazines’ Enterprise Digital Newsstand solution positions the company as the leading provider of newsstand platform solutions, enabling publishers to expand market reach by showcasing new and archived publications on Mygazines’ digital newsstand ( or on a white-labeled newsstand (

Mygazines Mobile Press Kit available at:

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Jose Sanchez