Eco-Innovation: a Key Word to the "17th European Conference on Tyre Recycling"

Tyre Recycling and New Technologies to the “17th European Conference on Tyre Recycling” by ETRA (European Tyre Recycling Association) - Brussels, 17-19 March 2010

Bruxelles, Belgium, February 26, 2010 --( A “Pyrolisys Forum” during ETRA Assembly Meeting this year, focused on Tyre Recycling and New Technologies. Many studies and researches on tyre recycling materials and their employment on road sector and civil enginery, rubberised bitumen and asphalt, buildings and concrete, thermoplastics, thermal and acoustic insulation. New Projects on tyre recycling field, such as the TYGRE, funded to produce a new material from two different waste systems, post consumer tyres and glass. Eco-innovation is the future: two projects, one in Italy and one in Portugal, have focused on the functional and innovative uses of post consumer tyre material. Furthermore Exhibitions of tyre recycling products, such as rubber kerbs and rubber tiles for urban furniture or sport facilities, rubber flooring and artificial turf. A Poster Show about innovations in tyre recycling products and materials by industry, universities and technical centres. Round tables at the annual discussion by ETRA about the growing importance of waste recycling materials, first of all tyre recycling materials, and their use to replace virgin resources. For further information, Conference registration and to download the program

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