Simplify Inventory Management through Automation

Brooklyn, NY, November 02, 2006 --( Inventory management is a big challenge in wireless retail. Most inventory questions need immediate answers: What products do I stock? How much of them do I stock? How much dead inventory is on my shelves? If there’s a phone sitting in inventory that is 10 months old, how much do I have invested and what do I do with that phone in order to turn money over?

For retailers who have not automated their inventory management, real answers are time-consuming to acquire.

If you have to look at a mess of incomplete data in disjointed computer files with manual steps, calculations, and processes, then you are giving yourself little room for creating solid growth strategies.

Automation may bring to mind assembly lines and robots, but it has a softer side. Dedicated software is now helping wireless entrepreneurs grow smarter by facilitating an efficient workflow.

B2B Soft, a New York-based software development company specializing in wireless retail management, is giving retailers the flexibility to effectively manage and control inventory by automating the retailer’s internal workflow process.

If a multi-location retailer is processing inventory manually, there is hardly time to strategize cash flow issues. To help with this problem, B2B Soft created Wireless Standard, a POS system to provide inventory managers next-step workflow procedures in stock ordering, transferring, returning and reconciliation.

Wireless Standard’s single-source business management workflow process allows independent, multi-location stores to expand with the pace of their markets instead of being bogged down by inefficiencies. Automation has arrived softly, but as B2B Soft insists, it will “help you grow aggressively.”

B2B Soft
Gary Khabinski
att: Wireless Standard POS