FREDFRED'S Pet Project - D.C. Dog Collar Designer's Spreads the Love to Man's Best Friend

FREDFRED, designer and manufacturer of 100% American-made graphic, leather dog collars, begins an online charity drive for adoption centers and pet foundations nationwide.

Washington, DC, March 08, 2010 --( It’s a stark reality of which most animal lovers are aware: for every pet that finds a loving home, there are many more without. An alarming percentage of dogs are either homeless or live in inhumane environments, and it’s this fact that inspires and motivates many rescue shelters, adoption centers and pet foundations nationwide. While they are generally funded through adoption fees and private donations, most of them will agree they need all the help they can get. The odds are stacked against them—and the pets they care for dearly. FREDFRED, maker of designer leather dog collars, recognizes the realities facing pets and their advocates and wants to do something about it.

FREDFRED is the brainchild of D.C. designer Jon Wye. With his own “best buddy” Fred as inspiration, he expanded his line of T-shirts and accessories for humans and created a line of dynamic, graphic dog collars unlike anything currently on the market. FREDFRED offers discerning dog owners something with rockstar style and genuine quality, and now they’re stepping up to offer more.

Recognizing the odds stacked against pets throughout the country, FREDFRED is currently initiating a campaign that will benefit adoption centers and pet foundations nationwide. They are offering 20% of their profits from the online sale of FREDFRED dog collars to the customer’s rescue center or foundation of choice. John Conover of FREDFRED explains, “All the customer has to do is enter the name of their chosen shelter in the comments section at checkout, and just like that animals across the U.S. will get more of the help they need.”

It’s evident that a driving force behind FREDFRED is a true love for “man’s best friend.” Whether it’s their popular “Dog’s in Space”, the classic “Flames” or their “Barkburry” line of collars, FREDFRED’S enthusiasm for dogs motivates the thought and imagination that goes into every one of their collars. “This campaign is our chance to give back to the pet community,” says John, “We’re a small company, but we want to do what we can. We kind of look at it as a win-win scenario. A dog gets a great-looking collar and a great shelter or foundation gets a well-deserved donation. Every little bit helps.” Sounds like a step in the right direction. You can check FREDFRED out at to lend your support

John Conover