Famous "Can You Hear Me Now?" Phrase Going Extinct Says Eris International

Frustrations of dropped calls and bad receptions are being replaced by new technology.

Beverly Hills, CA, March 10, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with. With the appearance of 3G networks we are seeing a lot more overcrowding going on in the airwaves. According to Cisco Systems: “Globally, mobile data traffic is expected to double every year through 2013.” Which created the question: How to improve cell phone reception while still using the existing cell phone network infrastructure in order to keep up with this growing data trend.

To answer this question ERIS International Merchandising, INC. has released a new product called the MAX, http://www.buythemaxnow.com. The MAX, at 2.7” by 4.7”, captures more cellular radio signals at the cell phone by focusing signals to the cell phone download and upload speeds would increase and improve it is capable of boosting a cell phones signal up to 300%.

With the capability to increase signals in rural areas and convention centers the MAX is the new best friend of the businessman. Light in weight and easy to take with you the MAX does not require any electricity or plug-ins and works with all carriers. One current user of the MAX has stated, "I have used an Apple iPhone 3g for a year or so. I have had decent reception in most areas around Los Angeles County. But I have been pleasantly surprised at how much better the reception has been with the addition of the Max and it had just gone into "Warp Drive". Now, with the Max, I spend a lot less time waiting.”

ERIS International Merchandising, INC
Kate Gallagher