Ann Leary Guests on Animal Radio®

Comedian/Actor Denis Leary's Wife Talented in Her Own Right.

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2010 --( Author and all-around funny gal Ann Leary shares her love for the four-legged in a special AM/FM/XM Satellite Radio broadcast of Animal Radio(r).

Living in the shadow of actor/comedian Denis Leary (Rescue Me) comes easy to his wife, Ann Leary. When she's not working on her new book about people and their animals, she's blogging about her extended furry-family.

"Denis can't watch Animal Planet," Ann tells Animal Radio(r) listeners, "He's afraid of seeing any animal cruelty."

Ann told Animal Radio(r) producer Judy Francis that when Denis made it big, he bought her a horse. Her furry family includes 4 dogs and 3 horses. She says she constantly has to keep her animal hoarding tendencies in check at all times.

Ann says she loves being a guest host on Animal Radio(r). "You know how I ended up on this show? Your producer emailed me to get Denis on, I said ‘how about me?' I pulled a real Lucy Ricardo move!"

Ann's writing and talking about animals is second only to her love for them. "As soon as I get off the air, I'm gonna tweet about Animal Radio(r), you need a lot more followers and I love to Twitter. I'm on all the time. There are so many people that tweet about their animals."

Hear this special Animal Radio(r) broadcast on XM Satellite Radio ch. 158 (America's Talk) Saturday March 13th at noon EST and rebroadcast Sunday the 14th at 5pm EST. Animal Radio(r) also broadcasts on 99 AM/FM radio affiliates, including KOST 103.5 Los Angeles. See more listening options at

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