New Stationary Pressure Washers Support 300-Foot Hoses

The six models in Daimer®'s Super Max™ 15000 series can now power hoses up to 300 feet long without losing cleaning pressure or effectiveness.

Woburn, MA, March 11, 2010 --( Daimer® Industries, a worldwide purveyor of stationary pressure washers, has added Long Hose Technology (LHT) to the six stationary machines in its Super Max™ 15000 line of pressure washers that are heated by fuel.

LHT generates consistent cleaning pressure along the length of hoses measuring up to 300 feet. As a result, users can place the base unit of a fuel-heated power washer in an exhaust-friendly spot and clean anywhere they want with pressure nozzles as far as 300 feet away. Exhaust-friendly spots can include outdoor spaces like parking garages or indoor spaces like boiler rooms.

“This new technology allows cleaning professionals to operate far from the base unit without concern about fumes or loss of cleaning power,” noted spokesperson Matthew Baratta. “Fumes can limit even the best pressure washer and are often a concern in applications involving office towers, hospitals and food processing facilities.”

More, Better Pressure

Daimer®'s LHT architecture keeps pressure near constant along the span of a long hose. Often, power washers without this type of technology will lose nozzle pressure after a certain distance.

The 15000 line is composed of the following six pressure washers: 15200 (1000 psi, 2 GPM), 15400 (700 psi, 3 GPM), 15500 (1000 psi, 4 GPM), 15700 (1500 psi, 5 GPM) 15800 (2000 psi, 4 GPM), and 15900 3000 psi, 5 GPM)

The machines can be factory-configured to produce steam or hot water with a variety of fuels including: kerosene, natural gas, propane or two types of heating oil. All 15000-class pressure washers are electric powered. The units can be purchased with multi-gun support at additional cost.

The power washers include pressurized 50-foot hoses, but additional segments of varying lengths can be purchased. Short lengths can be daisy-chained with quick disconnects for applications that don't require a long hose.

Get More Technical

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About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer®,, is a major supplier and worldwide exporter of the cleaning industry's leading line of KleenJet® steam cleaners/vapor steam cleaners/steam cleaning equipment; Super Max™ commercial and industrial pressure washers, including cold water, hot water, and steam pressure washing machines; XTreme Power® floor cleaners, including carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and floor buffers/scrubbers/burnishers; and the line of Micro-Blasting® Eco-Green® environmentally friendly cleaning products that employ unique technologies and a patented, proprietary chemistry.

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