Vacation Rental Network Uses Grouvia to Manage Group's Business

A small community vacation rental network in a popular tourist town finds a unique way to use Grouvia to streamline the selling of ad space in their printed directory.

Fredericksburg, VA, March 10, 2010 --( The Colonial Beach Cottage Owners Association (a.k.a. CBCOA) has found an interesting and unique way to use Grouvia's event management module to help them collect ad space fees for their annual directory. The CBCOA, a recent addition to Grouvia's growing family of online groups, is a small community vacation rental network located in the popular tourist town of Colonial Beach, Virginia.

At their quarterly board meeting last week, Grouvia was introduced as the new online tool the CBCOA will use to help streamline the management of their network's business, especially the group's event planning and communications tasks.

Glenda Chiarello, the CBCOA's treasurer and owner of Marina Sunset Cottage, is optimistic about Grouvia's future. "I think Grouvia is an excellent tool for group management, and the CBCOA will see a lot of benefit from using it. It has many features that will help automate some of the time-consuming tasks we are doing manually now. Since we're all volunteers, anything that can save us time is very valuable."

One such benefit is the ability for the association to collect payments online via Grouvia. The CBCOA publishes a cottage directory every year, the cost of which is partially subsidized by local businesses who pay a fee to be included in the booklet. The directory is distributed through the local chamber and at many shops and restaurants in the town, as well as through other tourism channels throughout Virginia.

Grouvia's event management feature was used to create a deadline event for advertising commitments. Advertisers can use the online reservation feature to commit to their ad and pay for it online. The Grouvia reservation initiates an automated notification to the board members who are responsible for handling the brochure design and printing.

Lisa Pecunia, Grouvia's designer and company founder is excited about the CBCOA's unique use of Grouvia. "People are very resourceful, and the CBCOA's creativity in finding a way to make this work for them is very powerful. This is a clear indicator that Grouvia will be useful in all sorts of ways that are yet to be discovered."

Since Grouvia is a relative newcomer on the online group management scene, the company hopes the word will spread among other vacation rental communities in tourist towns across the country.

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