Multilizer 2010 Released

Espoo, Finland, March 10, 2010 --( Multilizer 2010 is the new major release for the award-winning localization technology software. There are a good number of improvements in the software, making Multilizer easier & faster to use as well as more efficient in localization projects.

Multilizer products help enterprises efficiently produce and maintain multiple language versions of their software - on time and on budget. There are Multilizer products for both big and small companies.

The new features and enhancements in Multilizer 2010 can be divided into six categories.

- Improved project maintenance
- Enhancements to translation reuse
- Improved usability
- Better XML support
- Support for software created in the latest development environments
- Miscellaneous

Multilizer localization tool shortens the crucial time-to-market for different types of software and documentation localization projects. With Multilizer, the business benefits for localization projects are for example, better translation quality, effective use of developer resources, and lower translation costs. Multilizer also grows and evolves together with your localization needs.

Multilizer can be used to localize almost any document or software. Currently there are over 30 different file formats that Multilizer supports. Multilizer tools are built to benefit all parties involved in the localization and translation project.

To learn more about Multilizer, please visit:

Niko Papula
+358-50 58 69 145