The Two-Handed People, New Book Tells Tale of Murder—and Revenge—on the Reservation, Presented by Outskirts Press

Chicago, IL, March 11, 2010 --( When a group of drunken men enter a Native American reservation and open fire, killing a tribe of innocent people, the repercussions of their heinous act follow them. Lillie M. Lankford announces the release of her new book, The Two-Handed People—Murder on the Reservation, published by Outskirts Press, which explores the outcome of this fictional attack.

The Two-Handed People takes a population of peace-loving, family-oriented Native Americans, and thrusts them into a violent, deadly confrontation with the Caucasian men who have intruded upon their tranquil home. Frustrated by the nonchalant attitude of local law enforcement, the Native American people take their own revenge on the murderers in a most unusual way. Over the next three years, the survivors of the attack carefully track the movements and lives of the men who destroyed their families. When the time is right, the Two-Handed People execute a series of kidnappings, taking those people closest to the men who destroyed their families. Soon they have gathered a large group of mothers, children, parents, and other loved ones.

Although they are captives, the group is treated well and with compassion. After several months, both the kidnappers and their victims have begun to forge a bridge of understanding between them, and the leader of the Two-Handed People faces a dilemma—what to do with his hostages? He implores the Great Spirit to show him the way. “We ask thee to forgive us for our hatred of these white men. In our anger, we found that we were acting like them, even though we had not hurt or killed them. Great Spirit, tell us now what we should do.” The Great Spirit answers, “I know that you are human and I am Spirit, but when someone changes because of a certain situation, then it should be for the good. When all of the tribe was killed, you should have been thankful that you were spared. Love is looking past the pain and the situation.”

The Two-Handed People get their unusual name from the legend of a man and woman who had to work together to compensate for each other’s disabilities. Each was missing a hand, but together they had two perfectly functioning hands and worked as a loving and cooperative team. They were not discouraged for each having lost a piece of themselves…instead they made the most of their situation and lived a happy, long life. This theme of cooperation and love can be applied to the great racial divide in our country today, and Lankford hopes to create awareness and compassion in her readers. The Two-Handed People is a compelling story of racial prejudice and violence, but ultimately it demonstrates the healing power of love and forgiveness.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3605-7 Format: 5 x 8 paperback SRP: $10.95
Genre: Fiction

About the Author: Lillie M. Lankford has always loved writing, but was motivated to pursue her craft more seriously while getting her bachelor’s degree in business. The Two-Handed People—Murder on the Reservation is her first book. Born and raised in Louisiana, Lankford has lived in Texas and Minnesota and now resides in the state of Illinois.

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