France Cruises, Inc.
France Cruises, Inc.

France Cruises Extends Its Best Deals of the 2010 Barging Season

As the start of the French canal cruising season nears, barge owners’ desires to pre-book their seasons becomes your gain.

San Antonio, TX, March 13, 2010 --( The end of March marks the beginning of barging season upon the historic canals of France, and in preparation of a prosperous year, many barges are unveiling some of the best booking incentives they will offer in 2010.

France Cruises features a complete list of early booking incentives for travelers interested in barge cruising. From more than a thousand dollars off per cabin to free-of-charge pre-and post-cruise options, France Cruises offers ample discounts for many traveling budgets, making the month of March an opportune time to book a vacation in France.

Although many of these pre-season incentives will expire on March 31, 2010, the promotions are so attractive that many people will immediately plan this year’s vacation if they have not already done so; the dramatic price reductions and built-in value this time of year further ensures that travelers take advantage of the month of March to secure this year’s vacation.

In order to keep weeks adequately booked, vessels such as Anjodi and L’Arte de Vivre are offering $1,000 off per cabin. Cruises aboard Amaryllis, Alouette, and Fleur de Lys will include a complimentary one-night stay at the deluxe Hotel Meurice in Paris, while Estello, Napoleon, and Hirondelle will offer half-priced fares for traveling companions. Other incentives include dramatic price reductions per cabin on select vessels and select sailing dates.

France Cruises is extending these dramatic savings and inclusive value before its season to get a head start with bookings and to reward its niche market of barge enthusiasts for continuing to make French canal barging a preferred vacation method throughout the years.

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France Cruises, Inc.
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