Arizona Law Firm Offers DUI Safety Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

Law Office of Corso & Rhude Believes Drivers Should Know their Rights.

Peoria, AZ, March 16, 2010 --( With St. Patrick’s Day festivities scheduled around the Valley this week, the Law Office of Corso & Rhude is out to educate Valley residents about the dangers of driving drunk and what to do if you are suspected of driving under the influence.

More than 380 Arizona residents were cited for driving under the influence during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations over the past two years. The only real way to avoid a DUI charge is to never get behind the wheel after drinking. Nevertheless, people find themselves each year facing serious charges related to drinking and driving.

“It’s important that Arizona residents arm themselves with the facts if they’re suspected of driving under the influence,” said John Rhude, partner of the Law Office of Corso & Rhude.

According to Rhude, any driver pulled over for a DUI has the right to remain silent, must only provide insurance, registration and identification, and can refuse to submit to all field sobriety tests. A blood and alcohol test is the only test a person suspected of drunk driving should take.

Drinking and driving is a serious matter, even more so in Arizona, where it is punishable by up to six months in jail and up to a $2,500 fine. Arizona law requires that any person found guilty of drinking and driving (even a first offense) serve jail time. The law also includes extensive fines, suspension of driving privileges and the installation of an ignition interlock device even for first offenders.

Partner Christopher Corso says it’s important that individuals suspected of driving under the influence also insist on an independent blood alcohol test when they are pulled over. Exercising your right to remain silent and cooperating within your rights is also advised.

“DUIs can happen to anyone – doctors, teachers, social workers and even businessmen,” Corso said. “The important thing is that you only submit to a blood alcohol test, are polite and respectful to the officer and retain the services of an attorney immediately.”

Drinking and driving is a very serious problem and one successfully remedied by people staying off the roads when they’ve been drinking.

“More than 900 people in Arizona were killed by the actions of drunk drivers in 2008 alone,” Rhude said. “The only real way to protect yourself from a DUI is to make sure you don’t drink and drive.”

But should something happen, the Law Office of Corso & Rhude will be there to help Valley residents.

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