Flash Grey’s Main Trip is Set to Hit Stores on April 13th Through at Sunset Connect

New York, NY, March 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Sunset Connect is releasing the Main Trip by the top DJ, Flash Grey on April 13.

Flash Grey has been critically acclaimed as one of the top DJ performers in the world, and his Main Trip CD will be released through the Sunset Connect record label on April 13. The superstar performer from the Ukraine has now put down his DJ work onto one CD filled with 9 extended songs. The label is setting up the CD with the top promoters, club owners, magazines, websites and all types of radio stations around the world. 2009 and 2010 seem to have proven to be a very successful time in for the acclaimed Ukrainian artists’ music career. This is the debut album by the trance and progressive DJ/producer/performer and this is the first DJ artist signed to any of the Sunset labels.

The first thing the label is doing with the artist Flash Grey is to set up the landmark debut CD, "Main Trip", at top retail outlets that sell downloads and ringtones. “We all know his (Flash Grey) talent as a live DJ,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Connect, the digital only record company at Sunset Records, “doing a CD is the next natural step for the DJ artist and I am psyched to be able to be a part of the development of him as a recording artist.” The CD has 9 songs that are inspired by countless “beat junkies” and is what seems like an endless collection of killer sounds, unique beats with some breaks blended in the perfect way. “Solerno” is the song being worked to radio and to clubs around the world. The deep and introspective song is quintessential Flash Grey at his best.

The rest of the CD allows listeners to chill out on a journey like ride that is much like a magic carpet ride being guided by music. Flash Grey’s new label and new CD should turn some heads with not only club goers around the world, the DJ is also no doubt one of the most critically acclaimed performers now on that scene. (Don) Lichterman says that he (Flash Grey) has indeed “transcended what he can do at his live show onto his Main Trip CD,” and he goes on to say that the full length CD is setup as “journey into the mind of Flash Grey.” All of the songs on this debut CD has been used extensively in some way during his live performances. Every song on the CD will also be available as a single, at every top retail outlet in the world, along with being available in every Mobile Network that sells ringtones and playback tunes for cell phones.

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