Cryout and Friends Record Live Concert from the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame for a CD Release Set to Hit Stores on 4/20

New York, NY, March 26, 2010 --( Live roots reggae from the Oklahoma Blues Hall Of Fame with Cryout and a group of top musicians record their live album to be released through on Sunset Live Recordings on 4/20 next month.

Over the last decade of music, dancehall, ska and all types of reggae music have seen much critical acclaim with a great accessibility to the mainstream marketplaces, and there has been plenty of attention given to all sorts of Jamaican styled music. On the upcoming live CD, Jerry Criner, the founding member and aka of Cryout, evokes his fine, smooth vocals as he recreates his singles, onto a live CD. From the radiant roots reggae classics, "Gee Song,” “Desire” and “Funky Rasta” (originally released on his studio albums “Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try” and “Righteous Medication For The Soul”) to songs never before released on CD, "Screw Face” and “Hook, Line & Sinker."

Cryout' singing and vocals has the classic feel of Bob Marley along with the spark of a Peter Tosh, while showcasing his own delivery style to reggae fans. The percussion (Torrence Bear Cushinberry) is layered perfectly with vocals (Cryout) that are fused into "dub" style with its rhythm tracks. The authentic reggae sound makes this the person CD for reggae lovers and for lovers of live music. To see Cryout play live, is to see a spectacle and add in the top musicians in the genre (Selby Minner, Torrence Bear Cushinberry, Buck, Tony Mathews, Richard Web and Cryout), you have the making for a huge event at the Oklahoma Blues Hall Of Fame. Not unlike an impromptu jam and jazz fest style show out on the streets, fans at the show were grinning and swaying while dancing throughout the entire set.

The live CD consists of 9 songs with an old fashioned reggae jam thrown in by the artists. And, Cryout playing live offers fans great live reggae music at a very special venue. The show came together last summer (2009) at the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame which were preceded by what were weekly jam sessions that had been broadcast all over the world from the Down home Blues Club, which is also known as one of the last remaining true juke joints in the United States. These live sessions came from the same place that plays host to the Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival, an event every Labor Day Weekend courtesy of FOR Blues Inc. and Friends Organization. The show itself has no doubt set some great standards for reggae fan, and they are trying to prove they could prove to be one of the best reggae bands in America.

Combining an array of musicians, the Cryout, Live From The Oklahoma Blues Hall Of Fame is a polished live CD with a cascade of vocal harmonies, and an array of amazing musicians. Selby Minner thrives on guitar, Richard Web plays guitar and Buck sets the rhythm on his bass with songs like “Fort Lauderdale Shuffle,” and Torrence Bear Cushinberry drums throughout the entire CD with Tony Mathews play lead guitar on “Drop Of Water.” “I am psyched to run this via the Sunset Live record label,” Says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, and “fans of reggae will no doubt need this CD for their collection.” This is classic Roots-Rasta styled reggae music and the entire ensemble click perfectly that night.

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