An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Day in the Gas Chamber, Says Citizens for Saving Animals

Citizens for Saving Animals approaches overcrowded, inhumane shelter problem on all levels.

Milwaukee, WI, March 27, 2010 --( On the heels of a television segment in North Carolina about saving animals from a certain and horrific death, Amy Lacy says that prevention should be the first step in ending animal suffering.

Lacy started Citizens for Saving Animals after she saw the conditions and procedures in government run animal control centers in the southeast United States. “There are around six million animals destroyed in the U.S. every year,” she says. “A great percentage of that is done in horrific conditions and inhumanely in the Georgia, North Carolina, and other southeast states.”

She also says it doesn’t have to be this way. Citizens for Saving animals is currently working on a new approach to ending animal suffering, and needs support from all over the U.S. “We’re not just rescuing, and we’re not just trying to talk people into spaying and neutering. We are approaching the problem from all angles at once.”

First, CSA wants to provide a quarantine for animals pulled from shelters so they can heal and get ready for adoption. Second, they want to transport them to states where there is a need for companion animals. The third is to provide education and awareness of the benefits of spaying and neutering, to offer incentives to veterinarians who will help them spread the word and provide discounts for animal sterilization.

Lacy says that the most important part is prevention. “Right now shelters are part of the most vicious cycle in animal suffering. No sooner do they gas a hundred dogs when another two hundred take their place. This must--and can--stop.”

Lacy and Citizens for Saving Animals wants to end gassing, heartsticking, and other forms of euthanasia by removing the problem at its source. Their grassroots efforts will not only alleviate the current overcrowding and mass euthanasia of animals, but will stop the waves of new animals from appearing at the shelter doors.

However, it requires the joint efforts of concerned citizens, veterinarians, families with animals and of course, money. To find out about how you can help this amazing organization, please contact:

Amy Lacy
Citizens for Saving Animals
P.O. Box 858
East Troy, WI 53120

To view the television segment at NBC17, go to this link:

Citizens for Saving Animals
Amy Lacy