AHEB Investment Group Assists MLS Invest Ltd with 200m Euros Bank Collateral Deal

AHEB Investment Group was a key factor in the successful outcome of MLS Invest’s application to secure 200 million euros of finance for their European project. AHEB played a fundamental role in securing all bank collateral needed to ensure approval of the necessary bank finance.

Limassol, Cyprus, March 31, 2010 --(PR.com)-- When MLS Invest Ltd was attempting to secure the principal and interest for their latest European project, they enlisted the help of AHEB Investment Group. AHEB was instrumental in the arrangement of all bank collaterals, which were needed in order to secure the project finance required which was significant at the level of 200 million euros.

AHEB Investment has been providing financing solutions since 2008 to start up businesses and ventures or projects requiring investment for set up, expansion and development.

Through its vast experience securing successful funding applications for its clients, AHEB has developed an indepth understanding and insider knowledge of how to set up for success with business loans. With their attention to detail and respect for all the required processes and procedures, AHEB effectively reduces the perceived lending risk of the financial institutions they work with through their network of long term investment partners. Once the required bank instruments are provided to back up the venture funding application, then AHEB can ensure success for their client’s business and enable them to proceed with the required loan.

As a new development project, MLS Invest required assistance in securing collateral for their funding application and AHEB Investment Group stepped in to provide the necessary guarantees and support. In total, AHEB Investment Group assisted MLS Invest Ltd in securing the collateral for their 200m euro financing agreement and they are expecting their payment shortly.

Further to the success of this project, AHEB Investments is now contracted to continue supporting MLS Invest over the next year whilst they work on an additional ten projects, totalling a value of 800m euros. AHEB will be charged with arranging funding of 200m euros every couple of months, to a further total of 600m euros.

The new projects agreement for asset management is scheduled to be signed shortly and the procedures will begin immediately upon receipt of the funding for the first phase. AHEB Investment Group will work to develop an investment strategy for MLS Invest which will assist in conclusion of all scheduled projects.

AHEB Investment Group
Andreas Charalambous