Sound Citizen Radio Launches on iTunes

Sound Citizen, a local music review and information site, announces the launching of their free music podcast on iTunes.

Chicago, IL, April 02, 2010 --( Sound Citizen ( has been covering the Chicago music scene since 2008. Now, with a new podcast in Sound Citizen Radio, Mike Phillips and his crew are bringing a new way for Chicagoans and music fans across the country to discover new music.

"We're really excited about Sound Citizen Radio, and couldn't be happier to have it available on iTunes," says Phillips. "It's another way to bring new music to some of the best fans in the country. We've made it our mission to help support the local music scene, starting with Chicago. There are some incredible bands out there that just need to be heard. We hope to bring them to the masses and open new roads for aspiring musicians everywhere."

Each episode of Sound Citizen Radio features songs from three bands, as well as information on where they can be seen live in the coming days or weeks. Also included are recommendations for upcoming concerts in a section called "Screw the Scalpers."

"It's unfortunate that many great music fans are often forced to pay over face value for tickets to their favorite bands," says Phillips. "We hope that by giving them a bit of early warning, they can secure their tickets, and not get screwed."

Sound Citizen was started by Phillips as a music fan. He found himself discovering great live music all over Chicago and wanted to share his experiences. "Live music is where it's at," says Phillips. As it's grown, Sound Citizen has also become a resource for the musicians themselves.

"We get a lot of submissions from local bands, and it's extremely rewarding to help them out," said Phillips. "At the same time, we like the bigger acts, just like everyone else. So, we've found a good mix of local and national talent and, so far, our readers seem to enjoy it. As the podcast grows, we hope to cover more of the country, too. There are thousands of talented musicians out there just waiting to be discovered. We want to help."

The podcast can be found on iTunes by searching "Sound Citizen." Bands that are interested in getting some air time on Sound Citizen Radio or other coverage are encouraged to email Mike at

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