AcneHunter Organics Find the Secret to Healthy Skin in an Unlikely Place

Using natural vegetation, oils and supplements in their revolutionary acne cure products, Acne Hunters Organics plan to give back by committing a portion of all profits to children’s charities worldwide.

London, United Kingdom, April 12, 2010 --( AcneHunter Organics, LLC ( has launched its latest acne treatment skincare product AcneHunter 4®. The private venture, which uses simple, natural oils and compounds extracted from the indigenous plant life collected from developing countries, in concert with known cell‐regenerating supplements in its natural acne treatments, aims to invest a portion of the company’s profits into programs that aid some of the most impoverished communities on the globe.

AcneHunter Organics Product Manager Robbie Davies said the acne products company was founded by volunteer workers tending orphanages in Costa Rica, Honduras, Sudan, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Niger and Nepal in the early 2000’s. One striking similarity they discovered among the inhabitants in each region was that despite malnourishment, disease and some of the planet’s harshest living conditions, the native’s skin was clear of acne. The blanket uniformity of the discovery, despite the differences in climate and habitat of each country, lead the UK volunteers to investigate the indigenous vegetation to find those elements that were responsible for the clear complexions of each group.

Combinations of local plants and plant oils underwent clinical analysis, and based on these findings it was determined that these compounds were responsible for the clear skin of the locals; the compounds were isolated and became the key ingredients in the company’s first product, AcneHunter1® in 2008.

With ingredients including known cell regenerators like Retinol, lactic acid, and glutamic acid, AcneHunter clinicians are creating next‐generation skin care products using all natural ingredients proven to aid in healing of the most severe acne conditions, including cystic acne and adult acne.

AcneHunter Organics is dedicated to finding answers that are drafted from nature. Simple, understated, even the product packaging is eco‐friendly. Their theory is that humanity must work in harmony with nature, so that nature can provide us with her precious gifts. AcneHunter Organics is committed to making acne medications and treatments that will improve their client’s skin.

Twenty‐percent of every sale of AcneHunter Organics products will be distributed between UNICEF, and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), both of which assist in freeing children from poverty. Founded not with a focus on profits, but to help the world’s most vulnerable, AcneHunter Organics plans to extend its charitable endeavors to help charities that assist the disabled.

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