Dr. Joseph Mercola Unveils New Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar

Carol Stream, IL, April 19, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola introduces the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar, the newest and arguably a good health promoting natural energy bar in the market today. This delectable and wholesome product is made with all-natural and USDA-certified organic ingredients which provide a quick burst of energy, longer satiety and superior nutrition for people of all ages.

There’s no substitute for a healthy, well-balanced meal composed of real food. But many people lead fast-paced lifestyles and often skip a meal or two. Athletes, gym rats, students and workaholics often find themselves in need of a quick and convenient snack to sustain them as they go about their activities, while others are just looking for a healthy treat that they can snack on with less guilt.

Energy bars satisfy the need for a quick, easy-to-eat, convenient and tasty snack. But with so many of these bars lining up grocery shelves, it’s tough for consumers to choose something that tastes good and at offers real nutrition at the same time.

This is why Dr. Mercola takes energy bars very seriously. For Mercola, an energy bar must be as health promoting as it is tasty. And because most food manufacturers stuff their bars with less than optimal ingredients, Dr. Mercola decided to create his own energy bar, the original Cocoa Cassava Bar, which quickly became a bestseller because of its delicious and nutritious formula.

But despite the Cocoa Cassava Bar’s success, Dr. Mercola felt that he could still do better. True to his commitment to provide health promoting products, Mercola went back to the food laboratory, did more research and after cooking up more than three dozen recipes, came up with the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar.

Ingredients and Nutritional Benefits of the Cocoa Cassava Bar
The USDA-Certified Organic seal guarantees that the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar uses only the finest natural organic ingredients from reputable sources. Besides being an all-organic bar, it also does not contain any soy, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, casein, gluten, artificial sweeteners or MSG.

Each bite of an Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar provides a perfect balance of fiber, protein, smart fats and other important nutrients from:
· Organic Dark Chocolate
· Organic Cassava Flour
· Organic Raw Chia Seeds
· Organic Raw Almond Butter
· Organic Unsweetened Coconut

The Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar offers great taste, excellent value and honest, wholesome nutrition. Dr. Mercola guarantees that his formula will create fast but sustained energy and a longer feeling of satiety, as well as a hearty gastronomic experience.

Mercola Press
Jeff Eugenio