National Financial Awareness Network, Inc.
National Financial Awareness Network, Inc.

Credit Recovery Guide Provides Essential Information to Consumers

The “Credit Recovery and Survival Guide” provides you with information essential to understanding, repairing, rebuilding and safeguarding your credit and explains how a higher credit score can save you thousands of dollars.

Dallas, TX, November 15, 2006 --( The National Financial Awareness Network, a Dallas-based personal finance education company, today launched its “Credit Recovery and Survival Guide” e-book that informs consumers on how to repair, rebuild and safeguard their credit without hiring a credit repair company or consultant.

Executives at NFAN said they wrote the book specifically for consumers who were emerging from a debt relief program, but the information in the guide can be used by anyone wanting to regain control over their credit.

“When people finally get out of debt, they are often left to fend for themselves when faced with rebuilding their credit,” explained John Janney, president of NFAN. “We tailored much of the information in the guide to address issues often faced by people fresh out of debt, but the information applies to anyone who wants a better understanding of how credit works and how to manage their credit to their financial benefit.”

Janney also stressed that managing credit is not just about money because credit affects more than interest rates. Apartment managers use credit reports to deny rental applications, insurance companies use credit reports to raise premiums and cell phone service providers use credit reports to set deposit amounts. Some employers even use credit reports in their hiring process and deny employment to people with poor credit.

The e-book is comprised of four chapters: Crash Course in Credit, Repairing Credit, Rebuilding Credit and Safeguarding Your Credit. Each chapter explains an important aspect of managing credit in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner. In addition to these four chapters, the e-book includes links to over 200 pages of information about credit and credit-related laws that help consumers maintain control over their credit. People interested in purchasing the e-book should go to

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The National Financial Awareness Network, Inc., is a Dallas-based financial literacy company that offers educational products and services related to personal finance, such as the popular Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit and the Credit Recovery and Survival Guide. NFAN recently launched the website to provide information about state and federal laws related to fair debt collection. For more information, please visit their website at

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