Taxpayers Warned Against Charging Taxes to Credit Cards

Personal finance publishing executive is warning taxpayers against charging taxes owed to credit cards, encourages taxpayers to consider less expensive installment plan. - April 04, 2009

Debt Settlement Can Help Save Economy, Banks

Losses from credit card divisions are growing, but banks can mitigate losses through more active negotiations with consumers to settle debts for less than balances owed. - March 27, 2009

Unlawful Debt Collection Calls to Workplace Nearly Double

The number of complaints against debt collectors calling consumers at work nearly doubled between 2007 and 2008, according to recent report from the Federal Trade Commission. - March 20, 2009

Personal Finance Executive Talks About Cost of Consumer Debt Relief

Consumers ultimately pay for non-profit as well as for-profit debt relief options. - March 14, 2009

Record Data Breaches, Consumers Urged to Safeguard Identity

As data breaches and reports of identity theft soar, so does the need for consumers to know what is being reported to their credit files. - March 01, 2009

Consumers Urged to Comment on Bank Overdraft Rules Before March 30

Banks can currently enroll consumers in expensive automatic overdraft protection services without active consent. The Federal Reserve is calling for public comments on proposed rules designed to curb this practice. - February 19, 2009

Fair Debt Collection Laws Protect Financially Struggling Consumers

Unemployment spells financial distress for consumers and more unpaid credit card accounts. As creditors turn accounts over to debt collections, consumers need to become aware of fair debt collection laws to guard against abuses. - February 11, 2009

No. 1 New Year's Resolutions Helped by Online Seminar

The majority of Americans want to get out of debt in 2009, and there is help for those unsure how. - January 28, 2009

New Calculator Shows DIY Debt Settlement Savings

Personal finance company publishes online calculator consumers can use to estimate the savings they can realize through do-it-yourself debt settlement as compared to professional debt settlement services. - January 21, 2009

Self-Help Debt Kit Now Comes with Multimedia Online Courses

Popular Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Audio Seminar now includes enrollment into the new Debt Relief University, the multimedia, interactive learning environment for people wanting to get out of debt. - January 15, 2009

Personal Finance Executive Calls for More Choices on Credit Card Statements

Study shows asking for the minimum encourages prolonged debt. Personal finance executive calls on credit card companies to give more choices. - December 17, 2008

Online Audio Seminar on Debt Relief Helps Consumers

Personal finance publishing company offers online audio seminars to help consumers decide between different debt relief options and how to negotiate debt settlements on their own. - August 27, 2008 Doubles State Law Resources

Online debtors’ help community upgrades state-by-state information and links to new resources. - July 24, 2008

Consumers Urged to Voice Concerns About Credit Card Practices

Personal finance publishing executive is calling on the public to comment before the August 4 deadline on proposed regulations to curb unfair and abusive practices by credit card companies. - July 23, 2008

Tax Rebates for Paying Down Credit Card Debt

Many consumers will likely use their tax rebates for debt repayment as being debt-free is the top New Year’s Resolution for 2008. - February 27, 2008

Creditors Target Subprime Borrowers, Bankruptcy Filers

More credit card companies are marketing specifically to low income consumers, consumers with poor credit and people freshly out of bankruptcy, which the National Financial Awareness Network claims is irresponsible lending. - November 07, 2007

Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit Includes Community Membership

Personal finance publishing company adds exclusive articles and support forums to the latest version of its popular Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit at - April 27, 2007

Dallas Author Encourages People to See Maxed Out

Maxed Out is an important film about America’s troubling debt problem. Everyone should see it. - March 26, 2007

Free Advanced Screening of Maxed Out in Dallas on March 6

Acclaimed documentary, Maxed Out, which exposes predatory tactics of lending industry, is to screen in Dallas, Texas on March 6, 2007. The advance screening is part of the Americans For Fairness In Lending nationwide campaign to help Americans fight back against unfair lending practices. - March 01, 2007

Free Chapter of Credit Repair Book Now Available

Consumers can download a free sample chapter of the popular “How To Get Great Credit!” e-book by going to - February 21, 2007

Audio Program Explains Debt Relief Options

“Choosing the Right Debt Elimination Option” is an audio program that teaches consumers about different legitimate debt relief options and warns consumers about debt elimination scams. - December 14, 2006

Budgeting Formula Helps Consumers Balance Their Finances

Audio track teaches consumers about the simple and effective budgeting formula financial experts use to manage their finances. - December 13, 2006

Save 25% on Financial Literacy Products on

Personal finance education company offers 25% discount on all products sold through their website at Customers simply need to use the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to get their 25% discount. - December 05, 2006

Save Money with 99¢ Street Cents

Personal finance education company offers money-saving newsletter for 99¢ per issue at - November 30, 2006

Credit Recovery Guide Provides Essential Information to Consumers

The “Credit Recovery and Survival Guide” provides you with information essential to understanding, repairing, rebuilding and safeguarding your credit and explains how a higher credit score can save you thousands of dollars. - November 15, 2006

Financial Education Company Offers Industry Insights for Free

Personal finance educational products company offers financial industry digest to consumers for free download at - November 07, 2006

Financial Literacy Company Offers Downloadable Version of Popular Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit

The Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit that teaches struggling consumers everything they need to know to successfully negotiate discount settlements with creditors is now available for immediate download upon purchase. - October 22, 2006

Financial Literacy Firm Launches Affiliate Program

Financial literacy company launches affiliate program that offers webmasters, bloggers and email newsletter distributors 25 percent of each sale they help generate at - September 26, 2006

Financial Literacy Executive Discusses Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement

Consumers can negotiate debt settlements directly with creditors and save thousands they would otherwise spend on professional debt settlement service fees. However, the do-it-yourself approach is not for everyone. - August 13, 2006

NFAN Launches Self-Help Website for Debtors

The National Financial Awareness Network launched their debt-related self-help website,, that provides information on state and federal fair debt collection laws as well as a forum for exchanging questions, comments and stories related to the struggle against debt. - August 09, 2006

NFAN Alerts Consumers to Credit Repair Scams

Executives at NFAN warn consumers about credit repair scams and provide tips on disputing credit report errors without paying for outside help. - August 04, 2006

Financial Literacy Company Launches Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit

Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement kit teaches struggling consumers everything they need to know to successfully negotiate discount settlements with creditors. - June 21, 2006

Financial Literacy Company Warns Students of Loan Rate Hikes

Interest rates for federally guaranteed student loans will increase on July 1, but students and graduates can save money by locking in the current low rate through student loan consolidation. - June 12, 2006

Financial Literacy Company Cautions Taxpayers Against Charging Taxes

Credit card companies are offering incentives to taxpayers. However, charging taxes to your credit card can be an expensive payment method, especially when the IRS offers an installment plan, and often negate any benefits from credit card incentive programs. - March 07, 2006

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