New Release by Anonymous Doctor Adds Logic to Debate of Civil Union and Marriage Rights- Published by Dog Ear Publishing

Indianapolis, IN, April 16, 2010 --( Both sides of the same-sex marriage debate should take a look at this Dog Ear Publishingpublished book that makes a simple suggestion: Remove civil rights from marriage for both gays and straights. The author believes that civil unions should define a legal relationship and be a civil right for anyone, as opposed to marriages being defined that way. He proposes that marriage be a commitment that defines a nonlegal relationship and not be a civil right for anyone. The author’s overriding concern is not to take sides in the controversy but to overcome the lack of logic used to frame current debate.

Through chapters on baptism and birth certificates – and funerals and death certificates – the author points out how religious ceremonies already co-exist with civil traditions. The lengthiest section – on marriage and civil unions offers examples of canon law and civil rights, politicians and prostitutes, Catholics and Mormons, S/M and incense, and gay-sex and the afterlife to graphically illustrate the sensibly simple solution. The book leaves readers with this final charge: for churches and gay people to respect each other, work together and come together “to say that marriages are religious, spiritual, emotional, romantic issues and civil unions are legal statuses such that marriages have nothing to do with civil unions.”

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Gays Ain’t Got a Civil Right to Get Married! (neither do straights)
The Anonymous, MD
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-332-1 144 pages US

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