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Mortgage Lender Scores Highly in Customer Feedback Survey

Total Mortgage Services sticks to the basics: Offering some of the lowest rates on fixed-rate mortgages, jumbo mortgages, FHA loans, and adjustable rates mortgages while maintaining a laser-focus on customer service. This emphasis on the consumer earns Total Mortgage high marks in customer satisfaction.

Mortgage Lender Scores Highly in Customer Feedback Survey
Milford, CT, April 19, 2010 --( While many of its competitors have struggled in the current economic climate, Connecticut mortgage lender Total Mortgage Services, LLC continues to thrive in the face of challenges, as confirmed by recent customer satisfaction surveys conducted in 4th Quarter of 2009.

“From the time that we opened in 1997, we have proudly differentiated ourselves from our competition by aligning our goals with that of our customers. Our job is not done until we deliver each borrower an affordable, appropriate loan at the lowest available mortgage rate. It is this philosophy of partnership with our customers that has allowed us to fund more than $4 billion worth of successful mortgages since our inception,” says John Walsh, President and founder of Total Mortgage.

As part of an effort to bring customers the best possible lending experience, Total Mortgage surveys past borrowers to identify areas where company processes can be modified or improved. This is just one way that Total Mortgage demonstrates its dedication to continual improvement.

The mortgage lender surveyed hundreds of borrowers who closed loans with Total Mortgage in the last three months of 2009. The results clearly validate the Total Mortgage commitment to excellent customer service.

When asked about the ease of and quality of their communications with Total Mortgage employees, two thirds of respondents deemed their experience with Total Mortgage as good or excellent. Nearly 70% of respondents deemed their loan officer’s ability to answer questions and keep them up-to-date on the loan process as good or excellent.

When asked why they opted to use Total Mortgage, people cited past good experiences with the company, prompt customer service, and personal referrals. By far the most commonly cited reason for going with Total Mortgage was the combination of low rates and fees. Total Mortgage leverages in-house underwriting and processing in order to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry.

73% of customers said they would definitely use Total Mortgage for their mortgage needs in the future, and that they would recommend Total Mortgage to their friends or family. Referrals, word of mouth, and reputation are of the utmost importance in the mortgage industry, and this statistic speaks well to Total Mortgage’s ability to cultivate customer relationships.

Mr. Walsh says that “Offering low rates is only part of the equation for success in the mortgage business. We often say that the best loan option for one person may be totally different from the best loan option for their friends, neighbors, or family. That is why it is so important to get to know the customer on an individual basis and understand their needs and priorities. We strive to provide each customer with a loan that will work for them today and long into the future.”


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Total Mortgage Services, LLC, a provider of some of the lowest current mortgage rates, is an industry-leading direct mortgage lender and mortgage broker that has funded over $4 billion in mortgage loans since 1997. Licensed in 19 states, Total Mortgage offers a variety of products and programs including fixed-rate loans, adjustable rate mortgage loans (ARMs), jumbo loans, FHA mortgages and more. Visit for current mortgage rates, FHA mortgage rates, jumbo mortgage rates, ARM rates as well as other mortgage rates. For more information on Total Mortgage, please visit
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