DoshaCare Takes the Stage at Sony Pictures Earth Day Extravaganza

DoshaCare selected by Sony Pictures Entertainment to participate in Earth Day Extravaganza on April 21, 2010.

Torrance, CA, April 17, 2010 --( DoshaCare today announced it has been selected by Sony Pictures Entertainment to participate in the entertainment company’s Earth Day Extravaganza on April 21, 2010, shining a spotlight on environmentally responsible and sustainable products.

Featuring its full collection of customizable Ayurvedic skin care, DoshaCare will operate a virtual teaching spa, offering instruction on self facials, providing individual skin consultations and educating guests about techniques for Indian head massage, a sacred ritual known for rejuvenating the mind and body, restoring balance and strengthening the immune system. DoshaCare will also be issuing all 4,000 employees a special gift in recognition of Sony’s efforts to raise awareness about the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

As part of Sony’s sustainability program, the event will provide its 4,000 employees with sustainable products and services for purchase, along with educational information. The event will take place on the Sony Pictures Studio lot in Culver City, California, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

“We’ve come a long way in the quest to go green,” said Patty Schmucker. “For those of us who have been beating this drum for years, if not decades, it is incredibly exciting and inspiring to join forces with companies, like Sony, that have elevated this issue and made environmental responsibility a part of our social consciousness. Here at DoshaCare, we view authentic beauty as something that goes beyond skin deep, it’s soul deep. That means making healthy, responsible lifestyle choices. Working together to sustain the beauty of our Earth is a beautiful thing, and that makes each of us beautiful in our own right.”

Ninety-eight percent of all ingredients in DoshaCare products are derived from botanical sources and most are organic and wild craft harvested. The aromas are the highest grade of essential oils from organic, socially and environmentally sustainable sources. DoshaCare skin care formulas meet Vegan and Fair Trade Certification standards. Even the packaging is recyclable.

DoshaCare offers a complete line of Ayurvedic skin care products, customizable to an individual’s unique Dosha and skin type. Clients take a brief quiz to determine their Dosha type and choose the corresponding mix of products best suited for their skin. The company has four dosha-inspired product collections: the Vata line (for dry/dehydrated skin), the Pitta line (for normal/sensitive skin), the Kapha line (for oily/congested skin) and the Sakala line (appropriate for all skin types).

DoshaCare products combine the centuries-old Indian Ayurvedic philosophy with the best of Western science and technology to offer an innovative, holistic and environmentally responsible approach to skin care that promotes healthy lifestyle choices. In helping each of us re-discover our perfection, DoshaCare users achieve authentic beauty that radiates from the inside out for inner peace, outer health and ageless living. For more information on DoshaCare, please visit

Michele Feller