BayView Entertainment’s May Fitness DVDs Cover Yoga, Pain Therapy, Body Training and More

BayView Entertainment’s May 2010 fitness and wellness DVDs include instruction in Yoga, pain management, body training and more. The DVDs feature acclaimed instructors Jill Miller, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, and Susan Jacque as well as Pinnacle Rehabilitation.

Hackensack, NJ, April 18, 2010 --( BayView Entertainment, the number one studio for fitness and other special interest DVD releases for the sixth straight year*, packs May with an inspiring lineup of eight distinctive fitness & wellness titles. These new releases join BayView’s catalog of fitness, wellness, and special interest DVDs and audio books in bringing a diverse and interesting range of subjects to retailers and consumers everywhere. BayView Entertainment’s DVDs are available at video retailers nationwide as well as leading internet stores. *source: DVD Release Report, March 12 2010

On May 11, BayView has two new DVDs designed to help pain sufferers: “If You Have Hip Surgery” and “If You Have Knee Surgery”. If you have been diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis, you have certainly endured considerable pain and suffering. Fortunately, total joint replacement (arthroplasty) offers you relief. You will benefit by preparing yourself, both physically and mentally, for your scheduled procedure. You may anticipate fewer complications, and an improved recovery. As the industry leader in patient education, Pinnacle Rehabilitation Ltd. has produced the "If You Have... " series, continuing their tradition of exceptional healing programs begun with “If You Have...Back Pain”. These DVDs include an exercise program designed to maintain a range of joint motion and increase muscle strength. Perform these exercises prior to surgery to optimize your physical conditioning and continue this program post-operatively to assist with your recovery. Instruction for the use of canes, crutches, and walkers during recuperation is also covered. Proper techniques for getting in and out of beds, chairs, and automobiles are demonstrated and you will be shown how to safely go up and down stairs, minimizing your risk for falls. Suggested retail price for each of the “If You Have…” DVDs is $24.99, available on May 11, 2010.

Fitness favorite Kelly Coffey-Meyer returns on May 18 with three entries in her acclaimed “30 Minutes to Fitness” series. “30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Training" is your go-anywhere, do-anytime, no-impact workout. There is no equipment needed...just you. You will be amazed at how lifting your own body weight can bring you results you didn't think possible. This is everyday functional fitness for everyone. “30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Blast" has two totally different styles of cardio on one DVD. Workout one is a step workout that can also be done without the step. This calorie-burner also strengthens and tones your entire body. Workout two is all about plyometrics. This intense training technique will burn fat, increase strength, improve cardiovascular output, boost your metabolism, and re-shape your legs, glutes and hips. Because of its hi-impact nature, low-impact options are also shown throughout for those who cannot perform the hi-impact moves. “30 Minutes to Fitness: Muscle Definition” utilizes light weights, various moves and tempo changes to achieve stronger, leaner muscles. The workout does just as the name implies: helps to sculpt and define your overall look. Each of the three DVDs includes two complete workouts as well as optional pre-mixes to fit a variety of workout styles and abilities. Suggested retail price for each of the “30 Minutes to Fitness” DVDs is $19.99, available on May 18, 2010.

May 25 sees a unique new DVD entitled “Yoga for Swimming”. Yoga and swimming complement and enhance each other. When done together they make for a more balanced athlete. The Yoga for Swimming DVD program with Susan Jacque is designed to enhance swimming with dry land training but can also be used by anyone who wishes to stay healthy, strong, flexible and balanced. Not only does the practice of yoga promote the elongation and fluidity of muscles so important in swimming, it will help correct strength and flexibility imbalances caused by the repetitive nature of swimming and many other forms of exercise. Through regular practice you’ll notice the deeper effects: a clearer mind and a nervous system which will be better able to handle stress. This DVD features: conditioning exercises and breathing to warm up the body's side seams; movements to keep the spine fluid and to correct imbalances in shoulders, legs and feet; standing postures that foster balance, strength, flexibility and symmetrical alignment; a relaxed lateral stretch and deep relaxation. Suggested retail price for the “Yoga for Swimming” DVD is $24.99, available on May 25, 2010.

Acclaimed instructor Jill Miller is proud to announce the new Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix Rx DVDs containing fitness therapy for everyday living: Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix Rx: Upper Body - Neck Shoulders Back & Wrist Therapy and Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix Rx: Lower Body - Back Hips Ankles & Feet Therapy. This whole body health and fitness system combines Yoga, Calisthenics and Body Therapy, helping to heal damaged muscle tissue, increase overall strength, and bolster the immune system. Its restorative techniques create balance and flexibility by challenging the body from every conceivable angle, until breakthroughs occur, literally changing the nature of the tissues in the area being addressed. Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix RX routines are highly-specialized Support Therapy, focusing on areas of the body that tend to spasm, strain and ache because of overuse, underuse or poor posture. Embodying more than 24 years of expertise in the movement arts including Yoga, Pilates, Modern Dance, and Body Therapy, Jill Miller’s innovative workshops, retreats and teacher trainings are held worldwide. The Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix Rx DVDs have a suggested retail of $19.99 each and street on May 25.

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