Recent Launch of Automated, Web-Based Health Assessment Tools Make Data Collection Process More Efficient

Knoxville, TN, April 18, 2010 --( has announced the launch of their much-anticipated automated, web-based health assessments, developed by company founder, Brent R. Coyle, M.D., a practicing board certified Psychiatrist with over 20 years clinical experience. “These automated assessment tools are much needed and long overdue,” says Dr. Coyle, “especially considering the way in which current systems of care have found greater ‘efficiency’ in asking fewer questions during the data-collection process, which often results in more mistakes and omissions.”

It is Dr. Coyle’s belief that the most competent psychiatric care begins with a thorough assessment, followed by feedback about how to achieve relief from any pain and suffering. The assessments provided on have their foundation in Dr. Coyle’s routine but acute psychiatric practice. The health assessments are based on patient self-report, and are entitled “MyNeeds”, since it is the individual’s needs which are trying to be ascertained as quickly as possible. The “Complete” version is recommended for use as one might be evaluated for formal care, such as for a clinic appointment or hospitalization. The “Concise” version is for one’s personal use, as well as “consultation” purposes such as a primary care office. “I’m able to do a ‘Complete’ assessment using voice recognition in about 25 minutes,” says Dr. Coyle, “If you are not familiar with the assessments and/or are typing the responses in the open fields, I estimate the ‘Complete’ assessment will take 45 minutes to an hour. The ‘Concise’ version can be completed in about 30 minutes.” (Also available is “DocPrep” to be completed prior to a primary care physician visit; “PsychPrep” to be used in conjunction with a follow-up psychiatric visit; and “TheraPrep” to be used in conjunction with a follow-up therapy visit.)

There are many unique features and benefits offered in the health assessments. Because the assessments are web-based, they are accessible anywhere by internet connection, allowing the individual to complete them within the schedule and environment of their choosing. By completing the assessment in this manner, the individual is likely to be more honest, as well as more thoughtful and accurate in completing their responses; thus, ensuring the provider more honest and accurate details. Additionally, the assessments encourage completion in partnership, with an opportunity for the partner to also share their own “collateral” comments and information with the provider. “One feature that is perhaps most unique about the assessments,” adds Dr. Coyle, “is that upon completion, the individual is automatically connected to needed education or “therapy”, through recommendations and resources that are provided on the output reports. These resources are immediately available, just as our current culture has come to expect, and allow the individual to most efficiently get connected to and started on their journey of recovery.”

For additional information about these automated, web-based health assessments, as well as technically facilitated psychoeducational intervention tools, contact Brent R. Coyle, M.D., or visit

About is a unique and innovative resource for emotional health wellness. Through the use of web-based assessment tools and stepwise video learning modules with reflective journal prompts and selected (optional) spiritually sensitive observations, both consumers and healthcare providers can more efficiently and effectively address a variety of essential mental health concerns, including weight management, stress, anxiety and depression, self-esteem and goal setting, comprehensive addictions treatment, eating disorders, overcoming guilt and shame, and many more.

Brent R Coyle, MD