All Area Appliance, Atlanta's Own Locally Owned and Operated Appliance Repair Company, Announces Energy Saving Tips for Your Refrigerator During Summer Heat

The daily electrical usage of a refrigerator has a strong seasonal variation. Simply put, when the outside temperatures soar your refrigerator has to work harder to maintain an appropriate temperature.

Atlanta, GA, April 20, 2010 --( One of the most impacting aspects of summer heat on your refrigerator is the temperature in your kitchen. Most people do not realize how significant a seasonal variation is for the energy consumption of your refrigerator. There are some simple tips that will benefit you as a homeowner.

Allow for air to circulate properly throughout your refrigerator compartments by spacing foods apart and not blocking any air vents.

Be sure you allow leftovers to be stored in your refrigerator to cool completely before placing them into your refrigerator.

Try not to open the refrigerator doors any more than you have to particularly during the hottest part of the day. Studies have shown that dinner time hours are often the most energy demanding for your refrigerator.

It’s always a good idea to practice energy saving practices but during the summer heat, this becomes even more important. However, you may find that despite your efforts, your refrigerator just does not cool appropriately. If you need refrigerator repair in Atlanta, call All Area Appliance at 770-707-1600 or visit their website at .

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Kerri Spayd