Anchor Loans Reaches Milestone: $1 Billion Funded

Anchor Loans has reached the milestone of funding $1 billion dollars.

Calabasas, CA, April 20, 2010 --( Anchor Loans is proud to announce that it has funded over $1 billion dollars in the 12 year history of the company.

Since 1998, Anchor Loans has provided fast, private money loans to qualified borrowers for non-owner occupied properties. Their officers have 50+ years of combined real estate experience has helped guide Anchor Loans to grow a base of satisfied investors and repeat borrowers.

Anchor’s core business model has been to lend capital to experienced borrowers who purchase properties at a discount. These developers will rehabilitate and improve the property, where needed, and sell it at a profit.

Anchor underwrites each loan to a set of standards to ensure there is significant equity in the property to protect the loan. Investors purchase these notes from Anchor, who handles the servicing of the notes. The Trust Deed investment involves purchasing the Note and Deed of Trust securing the note by the borrower’s real property.

Working with repeat borrowers has allowed Anchor Loans to build relationships that result in lower defaults and higher profits for all involved. Each new borrower completes a standard loan application. This application is evaluated together with the results of their credit report. In addition, the borrower’s experience and track record of buying, repositioning, and marketing properties is also considered prior to the final loan structure is determined. Most of Anchor's borrowers have a history of borrowing money from Anchor and successfully selling the property in order to repay the debt in a timely fashion.

Anchor also takes a lot of pride in market valuation. The primary security for an investor is the equity of the property securing the loan, which is why Anchor places a strong emphasis on due diligence and property evaluation. Upon receiving a request for a potential loan, a comparative market analysis of the property is immediately performed. In addition to evaluating the comparables, Anchor inspects the exterior and interior (when possible) of the subject property and determines if there is enough equity for the potential loan. After reaching an internal value, a certified appraisal is also ordered to gain an independent valuation of the property.

With offices in Calabasas and Cerritos, California, and a nationwide network of real estate funding potential, Anchor continues to grow, identify new markets and seek qualified investors and developers.

To learn how you can become part of Anchor’s investors and whether Trust Deeds should be part of your investment portfolio, call our Investor Relations department at (310) 395-0010 or visit us online at

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