Former Baptist Deacon Calls for Blacks to Question Christianity; New Release by Donald R. Wright is Published by Dog Ear Publishing

Houston, TX, April 22, 2010 --( Dog Ear Publishing author Donald R. Wright, a former deacon in a Baptist church, asks all blacks in America to re-examine their need for religion. The book offers a compelling presentation of practical reasons that blacks should disregard their need for religion, especially Christianity. The book is inspired by changes in the author’s own life after he vowed to become a more informed Christian, pursuing his own Bible and religious studies after too many disappointing church experiences and seeing church leaders who didn’t practice in their own lives what they preached.

Through his studies, the author has determined that it is organized religion that doesn’t work – not spirituality. He asks readers to consider self-reliance instead of relying on churches that don’t help. The book provides compelling definitions of religion, the influence of preachers and mega churches and challenges the so-called moral majority of religion. Wright believes that those who have respect and appreciation for the natural order of life without the bonds of religion can find solutions that benefit everyone. As the book concludes, “We can be mentally free only when the chains of religious dogma are broken.”

The Only Prayer I’ll Ever Pray: Let My People Go makes its case through chapters titled Dawn of Enlightenment, What is Religion?, Let My People Go and the Poor You Will Have. The author also has provided a reading list for those who would like to explore the topic on their own.

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The Only Prayer I’ll Ever Pray: Let My People Go
Donald R. Wright
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-291-1 84 pages US

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