Mobile Epiphany Begins Certification Process for Motion Computing’s Tablet Computers

Mobile Epiphany is currently certifying Motion Computing’s F5 tablet PC for their Touch Inspect asset inspection and data-collection technology in an effort to broaden the range of devices available to users

Aurora, CO, April 22, 2010 --( Mobile Epiphany has begun the process of certifying tablet computers produced by Austin-based computer manufacturer Motion Computing to be compatible with its geospatial asset inspection technology, Touch Inspect. Once certified, Motion Computing will become a “Mobile Epiphany Authorized Hardware Supplier” for the Touch Inspect solution portfolio.

The testing is being conducted iBeta: a quality assurance lab in Aurora, Colorado. During the process, a team of engineers will be ensuring that the array of technological features on Motion Computing’s devices (such as GPS, RFID, auto-focus camera, touch screen, and barcode scanner) will function seamlessly with Touch Inspect’s geospatial, multi-media, and data-collection technology.

“Motion Computing’s unique tablet PCs represent an exciting new set of devices for our users”, stated Glenn Kletzky, Mobile Epiphany’s CEO. “We fully expect to be able to complete the integration of their devices within the next few weeks. With our software running on their hardware, we will be able to offer extremely innovative solutions to a broad spectrum of industries—everything from medical to manufacturing”.

Touch Inspect is geospatially-intelligent asset inspection and data collection software for Windows PCs and Windows Mobile devices. Using a video-game inspired interface in combination with a touch-based system, information collected in the field is automatically transmitted to a database server via the Internet without any additional data entry or uploads.

The software allows users to locate assets geospatially, by properties, by barcode, or by RFID and call up past inspections before beginning a new one for enhanced field-decision support. Data is entered in a uniquely presented question-and-answer format and users can add highly detailed visual information about assets with the application’s multimedia tools. With a suite of configuration tools on the back end, Touch Inspect is designed to be user-customized to replicate the workflow of a specific company or industry in a matter of hours without technical knowledge or programming. According to Kletzky, “This makes Touch Inspect faster and easier to configure to a company’s unique work flows an data collection needs than any other software today.”

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