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Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty shares tips about budget-friendly home makeovers for living rooms. Ideas to sell homes from skilled real estate agents and home expert on staff who was a producer for HGTV.

Costa Mesa, CA, April 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty knows that homes are important. So is the decor of a home. Since living rooms are one of the rooms seen and used most in any house, it's only fitting that living room makeovers are a priority. A basic living room has 3 staples: a couch, a chair, and a coffee table. Here’s some budget-friendly tips from The Nest along with others that the real estate agents at Torelli Realty recommend. These ideas are approved by Torelli Realty's staging expert Holly Schwartz, former HGTV producer. These ideas are perfect for homeowners who are itching for a budget-friendly makeover or for sellers who are ready to put their home on the real estate market.

1. For a modern living room, stylish lights are a must. Pay attention to window treatments – try modern blinds or window treatments. A cool vase on a table is a fantastic piece of decor. To soften up the space, incorporate a throw rug with a minimal design that complements the color scheme. (In California, modern living rooms are one of the most popular styles.)
2. For a retro look, retro artwork is key. Consider hanging multicolored curtains in fun colors. Don’t be concerned about traditional style rules. For instance, throw in some fun pillows and crazy candles. Be original - try using an old-fashioned tin for a serving tray for instance. (In California, some hip or eclectic neighborhoods pride themselves on going retro. Make sure retro fits the home and style. It can be a problem if one room is retro and all the others are a completely different style.)
3. For a calming look, try sheer drapery. Choose neutral tones for rugs, pillows, and throws. Dress up the space with some flowers and glass vases. And remember that blue is known to be a calming color, which can set the tone. Reduce clutter to keep the space stress free. (In California, a lot of people who like the beach or who live near the beach pick this style.)
4. For a cozy room neutral, warm colors work best. Texture is a must. Adding comfortable throws, fluffy pillows, and plush rugs can create environment made for curling up in. Make the room inviting with rich, inviting wood accessories, like a coffee table or perhaps a basketweave serving tray. Don’t forget chunky candles, which literally brighten up a room.

About Torelli Realty: Torelli Realty (www.torellirealty.com) is proud to offer home improvement and home staging tips to help your home’s value throughout Costa Mesa and in Mesa Verde. The company has been servicing Costa Mesa, CA almost excludively for over 25 years and knows Costa Mesa real estate. We also have an expert on staff, Holly Schwartz, who came to us as a producer from Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and extensively studied home values and markets locally and nationally. Feel free to contact Torelli Realty for a consultation and for all your real estate needs.

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