CTA Digital Releases Cushion for Wii Fit Balance Board

You can now add comfort to your Wii Fit workouts with this new cushion designed specifically for the Wii Fit Balance Board. The plush material feels great under your feet when doing extensive workouts.

Brooklyn, NY, April 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- CTA Digital (http://www.ctadigital.com), a leading provider of innovative accessories for the digital era, has launched a Cushion for Wii Fit Balance Board.

While simplistic in nature, this peripheral is the first in the market to help Wii Fit users have longer hours of game-play and workouts. This accessory is a soft cushion made with a plush material.

While there are silicone sleeves and mats for the Balance Board already, they don’t offer the level of comfort needed for workouts that require excessive standing or sitting positions. Yoga positions will also be easier to maintain when one doesn’t have to worry about the hard plastic of the Balance Board beneath their feet.

This accessory has elastic straps that secure the Cushion to the Balance Board, allowing users to play any Balance Board game on it, including Wii Fit Plus, Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage, Jillian Michaels Fitness, and more. It does not slip off when in use, and feels great under your feet. It also helps protect the surface of the Balance Board and can easily be cleaned in a washing machine when dirty.

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