Destination Upscale (, a City-Specific Search Engine for Luxury Goods and Services, Has Officially Launched Its Website

Portland, OR, April 23, 2010 --( Destination Upscale (, a city-specific search engine for luxury goods and services, has officially launched its website in thirteen cities, including four international: Beijing, London, Paris, and Vancouver, BC. "It's been a significant process; we're a one-year old company that is now starting to see serious momentum," spoke Rodney Stearns, CEO of Destination Upscale. "It takes time to establish a brand; and we're in for the long haul. Our vision is to create an online luxury lounge of sorts; one that provides not only the resources that our elite clientele demands, but also one that delivers on two promises," Stearns continued. "One; that we will provide a truly local experience, capturing the spirit of the cities we are in, and two; that our destination is the foremost authority on all things upscale, from yachts to private jets, to exclusive resorts, fashion, fine dining, and more. The fact is, we are already that. In a world of firsts, we're paving that path."

As a lean and mean company with an aggressive growth strategy, Destination Upscale has launched in eleven cities in the first two months of 2010 and is poised to launch in an additional 20 major markets in upcoming months. "We want to provide a different kind of experience," spoke VP and chief marketing officer, Sylvia Flores. "And we have the right diverse team to do just that. Our founder is black. Our chief knowledge officer is gay. I'm Latina. We've got the ultimate internal structure that spans all markets. And we're going to remain strong in our diversity moving forward; it's the cornerstone of our company culture." Destination Upscale has had an exceptional growth of over 120% in the 2009 period. Having attained a significant clientele including an undisclosed number of the top two percent of earners along with celebrities spanning from Hollywood to professional athletes, Destination Upscale is poising itself to surpass other, more limited players in the luxury space. And being a minority owned company with officers that represent a cross section of our society certainly helps. "We have a commitment to providing an unbiased stance on the finer things of life," spoke Stearns candidly. "That includes people of all races and persuasions, and honestly, people from different income brackets that want to experience the luxury lifestyle. We have multiple programs to provide accessible luxury to those that don't fit the million dollar income bracket." "Finally finding the professional management we needed to make this company succeed has been key," spoke Stearns, candidly. "We're an ambitious organization and are extremely conscientious about maintaining both high-growth levels along with a customer-centric, results-driven approach to our business. At the end of our day, we answer to our customers and our advertisers. Our organization needs to reflect that in every move we make towards rolling into the mass market," Stearns continued. "Mass market can't dilute our core competency. And quality of service is king. We lose that, and we're no better than our competition."

Destination Upscale, Inc.
Rodney Stearns