Holiday Control Freaks Freak Out and Control Freak's Guide™ Authors Sign Books at Chapters® Just In Time

Co-authors of The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly will sign books at Chapters® just in time to help deal with "Holiday control freaks" and to address the need for self control that the Holiday season presents.

Strathroy, Canada, November 17, 2006 --( "Ever notice how control freaks come out in full force around the Holidays?" ask "The Gails," Gail Barker ( and Gail Nielsen (, co-authors of The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly—Manifesting a Life of Total Trust ( They answer this question with "Well, have we got a stocking stuffer for you!" The Gails will be at Chapters south on Wellington Road in London, Ontario on Sunday, November 19th, starting at 12 noon and on Tuesday, December 5th starting at 5 p.m. They will be signing books and giving away "control freak doorprizes" every hour.

The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, which was released earlier this year, has been endorsed by several Fortune 500 coaches and best-selling authors around the globe. Gail Nielsen ( asserts that "there are concrete steps one can take to ensure that the Holidays do not become a backdrop for power struggles and control battles within the family" and that "The Control Freak's Guide™ ( is designed to guide you in how to deal with the control freak—whether it's you or someone else—in a way that ensures that you can walk away from potentially intense and explosive situations feeling positive, confident and loving—remembering what the Holidays are really all about."

The book includes a "Control Freakitude Quiz" to help readers determine if they are in fact control freaks. People can sign-up for a free e-course called "Freakology 101" and a free e-newsletter on the book's web site, as well as enroll in a tele-course with the authors.

The authors invite you to contact them at:

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Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 3J2

Email the Gails at:
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"This book is not just a `how to' manual for "letting go", it is about deeply understanding the need for such a process. Read it and be provoked into a new relationship with yourself and a new way of living that will open the door to all your great dreams and desires."

~Dr. Robert Anthony
Fortune 500 Coach and Best-selling author of Beyond Positive Thinking

"As a 'recovering' control freak, I read this book with a smile of recognition. A very entertaining and enlightening book."

~Susan Jeffers Ph.D.
Best-selling author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love and Life is Huge!

Control Freak's Guide™
Gail Nielsen