London Life Coach Co-Authors Sign Control Freak Book at Chapters

Life Coaches and co-authors of The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, Gail Barker and Gail Nielsen will be signing books at the Chapters Wellington Road location in London, Ontario, on Saturday, July 28th, 2007. - July 27, 2007

Executive Coach Writes New Book on Successful Control Freak Bosses

Executive coach and author, Gail Nielsen, of The Move Mountains Group, is co-authoring a new book on the subject of "control freak bosses." - July 14, 2007

Control Freaks Take the Secret and Law of Attraction to a New Level of Success

The self-help Control Freak's Guide™ says enough already with the new car and the "me, me, me" Law of Attraction mentality. Co-authors, 'the Gails' write that control freaks show us how to use this Law to become better people and change the world. - April 13, 2007

Successful Self-Help Book for Spiritual Control Freaks Goes Affiliate

The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly has established a new online affiliate sales program to amplify its success and help others access the self-help book's message of radical trust. - April 13, 2007

Executive Coach from Ontario Speaks at High Profile Stress Conference

Executive coach and author, Gail Nielsen, will be speaking at The International Emotional Wellness Forum, whose keynote address will be delivered by mind/body pioneer, Dr. Deepak Chopra. - March 01, 2007

The Control Freak Cure

A cure for control freaks does exist, according to a new book called The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly. What's more, anyone looking for health, wealth and joy can achieve these ends by mastering the art of "letting go." - January 16, 2007

Control Freak's Guide™ Authors to Speak at "Stress" Conference Alongside Deepak Chopra

Canadian professional life coaches and authors of "The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly," "the Gails", Gail Barker and Gail Nielsen, are booked to make a presentation at an upcoming conference on "stress" whose keynote speaker is Deepak Chopra. - January 11, 2007

Control Freaks Lead the Way to Building Trust in Relationships Says Self-Help Book

Building trust in relationships takes on a new twist in a recently-released self-help book, entitled The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly - Manifesting a Life of Total Trust. - November 30, 2006

Executive Life Coaching Firm Helps Control Freak Bosses "Free Their Freaks" and Become Powerfully Laid-Back Leaders

An executive life coaching firm, The Move Mountains Group, specializes in coaching control freak bosses and managers into powerful, laid-back and inspiring leaders. - November 24, 2006

New Control Freak Book - The Control Freak's Guide™ Designed for Health, Wealth and Joy

A new book, The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, has been designed to guide readers-control freaks or not-to do what the authors did-create their own health, wealth and joy. - November 21, 2006

Holiday Control Freaks Freak Out and Control Freak's Guide™ Authors Sign Books at Chapters® Just In Time

Co-authors of The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly will sign books at Chapters® just in time to help deal with "Holiday control freaks" and to address the need for self control that the Holiday season presents. - November 17, 2006

The Surprising Secrets About Control Freaks and How to Deal with Control Freaks Revealed in The Control Freak's Guide™

A new book, blending psychology and spirituality, The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, addresses the surprising secrets about control freaks and how to deal with control freaks in your life. - October 26, 2006

"Control Freaks Unite!" - The Control Freak's Guide™ has Best-Selling Authors Owning Their Inner Control Freaks

There's a new book out, bringing together psychology and spirituality, called The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, written for those seeking more self-control and help in dealing with control freaks. Its endorsers are getting into the light-hearted spirit of the book and writing humorous testimonials based on their own control freak tendencies. - October 19, 2006

Executive Life Coaching Firm Offers Free Consultations Over the Phone for Executives with Stress and Depression

If you are an executive experiencing stress, you are not alone and one executive coaching and consulting firm, believes that help is "only a phone call away." The firm offers free telephonic consultations for executives who want to break out of the stress cycle and create more balanced lives. - October 19, 2006

Control Freak's Guide™ Blends Psychology and Spirituality for Success with Self-Control and Dealing with Control Freaks

The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly asserts that control freaks are on a radical spiritual journey. This new book takes a fresh approach to dealing with control and anger management issues. - October 04, 2006

Executive Coaching Firm Turns Interview Process on Its Head and Screens Potential Clients before they Sign on

Executive coaching companies are not difficult to find, but sometimes the "right clients" are. The Move Mountain Group, an executive coaching and consulting firm conducts "joint interviews" before inviting potential clients to sign on and only takes clients who they feel are ready to make the most of their services. - September 29, 2006

Executive Coaching Firm Publishes Free E-Newsletter for Executives with Stress and Depression

Executives are seeking relief from the stress, pressure and anxiety often brought on by their jobs. The Move Mountains Group, a Canadian executive life coaching firm is getting ready to release the first edition of its free e-newsletter, "The Carefree Executive," designed to help executives exhale. - September 29, 2006

Book on the Law of Attraction Gives Psychology and Self-Help a New Tool for Success

A new book on The Law of Attraction invites its readers to use this law as an aid to healing their lives. The Law of Attraction states that "what you think, you attract." Physics and metaphysics experts are educating the world about the benefits of this law for creating wealth and getting what you want out of life. The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly challenges its readers to use the Law of Attraction to heal their lives and make the world a better place. - September 27, 2006

Executive Life Coaching Firm, The Move Mountains Group, Calls for Interviews with CEOs with Stress

The Move Mountains Group, a Canadian Executive Life Coaching and Consulting Firm is calling for interviews with CEOs and senior managers who are feeling stressed or unfulfilled in their work or private lives. Principal Coach of The Move Mountains Group and author of The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, Gail Nielsen, is conducting this series of confidential interviews in order to compile research for an upcoming book and other corporate publications. - September 24, 2006

Executives with Depression, Anxiety and Stress Seek Alternatives for Holding onto Success

With an awareness of the potential risks associated with medications for depression, anxiety and stress as well as the stigma attached to psychotherapy, stressed-out executives are seeking executive life coaches as an alternative means of achieving peace of mind and greater success. An executive... - September 24, 2006

Psychology and Spirituality Come Together to Foster Unprecedented Self-help Success

Exerting control where it's not needed taxes everyone's energy. Finally control freaks everywhere have the information they need to understand how "overcontrol" is making them (and those around them) tired, and limiting their happiness-and the tools they seek to let go, to find joy-to live and let live. It's in a new book called The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly-Manifesting a Life of Total Trust. - July 06, 2006

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