Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips - Evo Exhibits

For effective 20×20 display designs, plan and partner with a creative team that is not only experienced with exhibit design, but takes the time to learn the product or service, and what separates you from the competition.

Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips - Evo Exhibits
West Chicago, IL, April 28, 2010 --( 20×20 Exhibits are great spaces to have on the show floor. These small island exhibits allow higher visibility then in-line spaces on the show floor with their bigger sizes, better locations and taller heights. For effective 20×20 display designs, you’ll have to plan and partner with a creative team that is not only experienced with exhibit design, but takes the time to learn the product or service, and what separates you from the competition.

So now that you have this great trade show island space, how do you go about planning the space? What’s the first step? Here are three effective steps that we use in our initial Discovery Process that get the creative juices flowing…

We often look at designing small island exhibits in three levels.

Top Tier Level. We look at this level first This top Tier is the area between 12′ -16′ above the floor (including hanging signs). This area is used for strong logo identity that can be seen from far away. Consider booth orientation and show floor location into the the design of the top tier. Tip: The Top Tier Level Tells Everyone Who You Are.

Mid-Tier Level. This is the area from 8′ – 12′ above the floor. This is an area to categorize your products / services within the island space. Goals and objectives become clear with this level. Many exhibitors make the mistake of over-looking this essential part of the design, which welcomes attendees to the area where you want them to be. Tip: The Mid-Tier Level Tells Everyone What You Do.

Lower-Tier Level. This is the functional level 0′ – 8′ above the floor. Demo stations and kiosks with visuals at eye levels do a great job in communicating your competitive advantages to the attendees. Shelving for products allow attendees to see and touch the products within the categorized areas. Reception desks for greeting, storage and lead scanners are a great anchor to have on the main aisle. Tip: The Lower-Tier Level; What Is Your Product or Service Going to Do for Me (Attendee)?

Quick Design Tip: Give Gum Drops. Everyone on the team has a need, from sales reps, marketing, andexecutives. Provide each of the departments / individuals with gum-drops in the design, with more of the gum drops going to the departments that have more of a sweet tooth. Gum drops relate aspects of functionality in a design; i.e. sales needing bigger flat screens for demo’s, marketing wanting less shelving and more branding, executives wanting better traffic flow, etc. If every one gets a gum drop, you’ll have an effective design that works for everyone.

Evo Exhibits is a full-service trade show exhibit company. Product line-up include pop-up exhibits, inline exhibits, island exhibits, custom exhibits, table top exhibits, banner stands and more. We are pleased to offer a complete line of green exhibits that are made from eco-friendly materials without compromising design, functionality and durability. Rental exhibit offering is one of the most comprehensive in the industry today. Additionally, we provide trade show services including exhibit design, exhibit installation and dismantle, trade show logistics, exhibit storage, exhibit management and trade show marketing services.

Evo Exhibits’ founders Kent Jean and Kevin Fett are both award-winning global experts within the trade show industry. Kevin and Kent have succeeded by bringing their clients (from startups to Fortune 100 companies) a wealth of information and making their trade show programs a success.

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