Futurescale Introduces Zarqon Active License Control System for Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex Applications

Johnson City, TN, May 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Futurescale, Inc. today announced the launch of Zarqon™, a cloud-based system that allows developers to easily issue and enforce licenses for Adobe® AIR®- and Adobe® Flex®-based applications.

“We’re empowering developers to create side revenues by giving them an inexpensive and reliable method of controlling access to their desktop or web applications,” said Cliff Hall, Futurescale’s CEO. “Developers sell their applications anywhere and anyhow they like. Their data is secure. It never passes through our servers and they pay us no royalties, percentages or fees on the licenses they sell.”

Zarqon gives developers feature-level control of their software, which is stored and accessed for pennies per month in their own Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) account.

Empowering the Developer

Today, an abundance of social networks, interactive maps and other web-based APIs allow developers to “mashup” various functionalities to create new applications and, if there is enough value in the finished product, realize revenue from it.

A common model is to release ad-supported and/or free functionality to allow viral spreading of the product and sell premium features and/or remove ads for users who will pay. The developer then needs to control access to those features and this is where Zarqon comes in.

The Zarqon Desktop Control Center allows developers to easily describe their products, features and feature sets. They can then issue licenses for recurring subscriptions and time-limited trials (at the product, feature or feature set level), and up-sell new features to existing users. Licenses can be disabled at any time if compromised.

Zarqon is convenient; there is no server-side software to manage. Applications can validate a license online in seconds. Developers using Adobe AIR and Flex for desktop, mobile and web can leverage the same simple yet powerful API.

Assuring Secure and Reliable Storage

Since the developer’s application will actively validate its license each time their customers run it, two obvious concerns are security and reliability. The developer trusts the host to provide robust and reliable access to the licenses, as well as protecting the product and license holder information from hackers.

In licensing schemes that require server side software, achieving security is much more difficult, since each server side program has its own unique vulnerabilities.

Zarqon solves these trust-related issues by combining a smart client and API with a simple cloud storage platform. Amazon S3 is one of the most mature cloud platforms on the Internet.

With Amazon's long history of reliable worldwide up-time for the S3 service (backed by an aggressive Service Level Agreement), developers need not worry if their users will encounter delays or downtime due to license data being inaccessible.

Product Resources Online

Visit http://zarqon.net/ to:

Begin a 30-day Free Trial
Study the Zarqon API Reference and Demos
Download the API, Demos and Documentation
Read Step by Step Usage Instructions

Pricing and Availability

Zarqon is available for purchase online. Pricing begins at USD $25.00*.

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Futurescale offers architectural guidance and development expertise to aid in the implementation of Rich Internet Applications. Futurescale also builds tools for software developers such as the popular Open Source PureMVC Framework.

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