™ Takes Off; Blog Website Offers Organized and Informative Airline Passenger Complaints, Criticisms, Kvetches, and Counsel™ Now Accepting Airline Passengers to Contribute to Online Forum.’s intention is to allow airline passengers a central forum and platform to combine and share legitimate concerns.

Washington, DC, November 22, 2006 --(™ announced today the launch of its online blog (weblog) at The blog was developed to allow airline passengers – and those who’ve never made their flights – to vent, document, share, crusade, and otherwise complain about poor, disrespectful, or downright abusive airline service.’s intention is to allow airline passengers a central forum and platform to combine and share legitimate concerns.™ encourages the airlines to regularly read the blog. For many airline travelers, there has been little in the way of recourse when they have a legitimate airline complaint. It’s largely impossible to even find a responsive or professional line of communications to most airlines. Thus, in addition to supporting travelers who need a place to vent and share their dissatisfaction, encourages bloggers to share advice, tips, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information to better facilitate real communication with airline representatives. The site will be monitored in an attempt to steer it towards civility, keep expletives in check, and be on the lookout for other potentially counterproductive contributions.

[NOTE: is patriotic. They will not permit any criticisms, “tips,” or unreasonable accusations or negative commentary on any security procedures or experiences related to airports, security, or flights. We live in a complicated time, and certain procedures – even if occasionally imperfect or inconvenient – deserve our cooperation and support.]

Included in’s welcome message is: “Who among us hasn’t been treated with condescension, star-class rudeness, impossible pricing and restrictions, bumping, and the often arbitrary dictatorships that have sprouted up behind many airline ticket counters by the polyester pants-wearing “I AM the supervisor” set? Phooey. It’s our turn to speak now.”™ is currently entirely self-funded through the private investment capital of a team that excels in writing, blogging, new media, new technology, public and media relations, and marketing. The team is also no stranger to the many horrors that make up today’s airline travel experience. Donations and paid sponsorships are available for those who want to further support the site. For those not fully familiar with how to participate on a blog, full and friendly instructions are provided. Original creative graphics are provided by oft-frustrated traveler and greeting card artist Scott Clarke, president of Crabby Cards, Inc.™ is located at During this launch period, it will continue to subscribe to an expanding list of feeds, increase its presence with in the blogosphere and overall Internet, and most importantly, seek to provide a place for thousands of frustrated and otherwise voiceless airline travelers to congregate and make their voices known. – The herd being heard.

For more information, contact Jeff Boykin at or 703.376.7662 (EST).

Jeff Boykin