PISARKIEWICZ MAZUR & CO Brings Pride and Excitement to John Adams High School Through Branding

New York, NY, May 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- For a public high school to succeed in New York City, it must present itself as an appealing learning destination, a place where pride and excitement are alive in students, parents, teachers and staff. John Adams High School, located in Ozone Park, Queens, wanted to step up its image as a unique learning center and, ultimately, boost school pride and community awareness.

John Adams High School chose Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co, the award-winning New York branding firm, to help them communicate the school’s new and exciting learning environment. PM & CO developed an engaging branding program, which showcases John Adams’ umbrella brand and the six Small Learning Communities (SLCs).

PM & CO started with a bold new identity - a multi-colored coat of arms - for the school and each of its six SLCs. Each SLC received its own iconic design because each program is designed to attract students to a particular interest. For example, Media Communications Arts or the Queens Business Institute are two alternative tracks the students may select. PM & CO then designed a tri-fold brochure intended to inform the community, parents and students of John Adams’ commitment to student interests and learning. Additionally, PM & CO created a stationary set and business cards to further streamline communications between teachers, parents and the community.

Perhaps most importantly, PM & CO helped to create a sense of pride amongst the students and faculty. T-shirts are emblazoned with the new identity. This gave students and teachers a chance to highlight and show off their particular SLC. Additionally, PM & CO created large multi-colored signage and banners wrapping the front exterior of the building, which serves to welcome the students and community to this unique learning center. Glenicia Mullings, Senior Student Organization President, says, “I love the way the banners look on the front of the building. It makes me feel proud to go to school here!” Javon Love, a student of the Media Communication Arts SLC, head of The Student Government Committee, says, “The new graphics and posters are exciting reminders that we’re here to achieve something within our SLC. Every student, including myself, feels a great sense of pride and belonging. It really does create a welcoming environment that feels more like a family.”

“Hiring PM & CO was a great move for John Adams,” said Aaron Turner from the Office of School Redesign, NYC Department of Education. “They delivered innovative concepts and skillful execution to give John Adams High School the new look it needed to instill pride in its students and faculty and inform the community of their progress and new programs.”

Giving John Adams an edge in their market required the proprietary approach that PM & CO employs—Inform, Inspire, Explore, Realize. PM & CO utilized research, intuition, vision and creativity to succeed in achieving John Adams’ rebranding goal.

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