Top New York Financial Blogger to Speak in Dallas

Top financial blogger Daryl Montgomery will give a talk on "Investing Opportunities and Risks Ahead" at the Dallas Plano Marriot on May 20th. Montgomery writes the popular 'Helicopter Eoncomics Investing Guide' blog and runs the 2700 member New York Investing meetup. He is known for his highly accurate and timely calls on the market and the economy. is sponsoring the event.

Dallas, TX, May 14, 2010 --( Top financial blogger Daryl Montgomery, known for his accurate and timely market and economic calls during the Credit Crisis, will be speaking in Plano on May 20th. His talk on ‘Investing Opportunities and Risks Ahead’ coincides with the launch of the new website

Montgomery’s predictions have become legendary in independent investor circles in New York. He not only predicted the subprime mortgages would blow up into a crisis, but did so two weeks before problems actually began. Montgomery sounded the warning bells right after Fed Chair Ben Bernanke told the financial community that subprime mortgages wouldn’t be causing any trouble. He was also the first to predict in the summer of 2007 that Bear Stearns might fail, which it did the next March. Montgomery then further predicted in mid-September 2007 that the stock market would soon peak and an ugly bear market would follow. A few weeks later, stocks hit their high and started heading down. Montgomery also nailed the exact start of the recession in December 2007, a year before the official body that declares recessions, the NBER, realized what had taken place. More recently, Montgomery warned investors of the market meltdown that took place on May 6th.

Montgomery doesn’t just make broad or negative predictions however. Texans would particularly be pleased to hear that he was correct about the day oil hit bottom in December 2008 and again in February 2009. He called a buy on oil the night before it hit its final low last February and mentioned a 200% leveraged investment as the best way of playing it. People who listened made 165% profits in just four months.

Montgomery not only writes the popular ‘Helicopter Economics Investing Guide’, but also runs the largest investing meetup group in the world. “The New York Investing meetup has grown from only a handful of people to almost 2700 members all by word of mouth. People tell their friends that the heard some idea that made them money in our group, then their friends come to hear our talks, and then they bring other friends. Starting the blog was a way of keeping the members in the loop between meetings, but now it’s developed a life of its own”, he says. The blog is now syndicated through a number of websites, including and, which are run locally. Publisher, Lois Fish explained how this came about. “I was alerted to the blog by a savvy investing friend in New York and knew I had to publish it the moment I read it and then get Mr. Montgomery here to speak to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. The people here deserve the best and I figured this was one way of making sure they get it.”

The talk will take place at the Dallas Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Centre (7120 Dallas Parkway) on Thursday, May 20th from 7:00PM to 9:00 PM. Tickets are $12 in advance and $19 at the door. To reserve and pay for a seat or for more information, please go to:

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