Top New York Financial Blogger to Speak in Dallas

Top financial blogger Daryl Montgomery will give a talk on "Investing Opportunities and Risks Ahead" at the Dallas Plano Marriot on May 20th. Montgomery writes the popular 'Helicopter Eoncomics Investing Guide' blog and runs the 2700 member New York Investing meetup. He is known for his highly accurate and timely calls on the market and the economy. is sponsoring the event. - May 14, 2010

Economist Arun Motianey to Make First Appearance for His New Book SuperCycles at the New York Investing Meetup

International economist Arun Motianey will be introducing his new book "SuperCycles" at the New York Investing meetup on February 23rd. "SuperCylces" is based on an innovative new economic model that explains the Credit Crisis and its likely aftermath. Motianey chose the New York Investing meetup because of its preeminent role in investor education. - February 18, 2010

New York Investing Meetup to Host Debate on Future Direction of the Stock Market and the Economy

Financial blogger Daryl Montgomery and newsletter writer Steve Frenkel have both made accurate predictions about the stock market and the economy in the last two years, but now their views have diverged. Hear both sides of the argument at the New York Investing meetup's June 4th meeting and then decide for yourself. - June 01, 2009

Best Selling Author William Cohan to Appear at New York Investing Meetup

Best Selling Author William Cohan to Appear at New York Investing Meetup

Financial blogger Daryl Montgomery will be interviewing prize-winning author William Cohan on May 5th at the New York Investing meetup. The two will be discussing Cohan's recent best-seller, "House of Cards." Mr. Cohan will be signing books after the interview. - April 18, 2009

New York Investing Releases Its Top Ten Economic Predictions for 2009

The New York Investing meetup, which has accurately predicted almost every major event of the credit crisis, sees further problems with the economy next year with deepening recession, unemployment rising toward double digits, a troubled consumer and more bailouts. While it will be a year of tough times for many people, it will be a good period to pick up investing bargains. - December 16, 2008

Investing Group That Predicted the Credit Crisis Will Give Views on the Economy in 2009

Financial blogger, Daryl Montgomery, will be giving a talk on economic predictions for 2009. His previous talk on the economy for 2008 given last December proved to be highly accurate and became a widely watched You Tube video. For those who don't live in the New York area the information will be released online in the days following the meeting. - December 01, 2008

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