Posts Sneaky-NES Products' InvisiTrail and InvisiSleeve UV Marking Kits

Maumelle, AR, May 17, 2010 --( recently announced the posting of Sneaky-NES Products’ InvisiTrail and InvisiSleeve UV Marking Kits to assist hunters in finding a trail or an arrow in the dark.

The InvisiTrail Marking Kit consists of biodegradeable wooden sticks coated with Sneaky-NES’ patent-pending formula. The use of similar products containing metal has been widely prohibited on public land because the stakes are frequently not recovered. Many hunters use Sneaky-NES sticks to mark a trail to a deer stand that remains inconspicuous during the daytime, but at night becomes highly visible when illuminated by a UV flashlight. The use of a UV flashlight avoids flooding an area with white light, which might alert game in the area to the hunter’s presence.

Although there are other applications, Sneaky-NES’ InvisiSleeve heat-shrinking sleeves are often applied to arrow shafts. Bow-hunters may then fletch (glue) VisiVanes, high-performance arrow vanes, to the sleeve. Like Sneaky-NES’ marking sticks, both the sleeves and the vanes are highly visible when illuminated by a UV flashlight. The main purpose of these products is to assist bow-hunters in finding a $20-30 arrow in the dark. Oftentimes, after a shot, the only exposed part of an arrow is the end, where the fluorescent sleeve and vanes are attached. Fletching the vanes to the sleeve rather than directly to the shaft is a simple process. According to Andy Setzer, the product developer, “You can heat shrink it, glue to it, and you’ll be shooting in ten minutes or less.” This method also makes it easier to replace damaged vanes. Importantly, Sneaky-NES has conducted field tests, which proved their products do not adversely affect an arrow’s accuracy.

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Teresa Harrod