to Market and Sell Lead Babies Slabs has formed a strategic partnership with Connie Slaughterback, owner of the Alluring Lures & Tackle store in Cordell, Oklahoma, to market and sell Lead Babies Slabs. Presently, each Lead Babies Slab is painted in the back of the store, but these lures have an interesting... - June 16, 2010 Posts Gaetan Beauchamp’s Custom, Hand-made Knives recently announced its agreement with Gaetan Beauchamp of Quebec, Canada to market and sell Beauchamp’s custom, handmade knives. Beauchamp first developed a passion for scrimshaw, the art of carving intricate designs into a natural material, such as ivory or horn. - June 14, 2010 to Market Bill Post’s Custom, Hand-made Knives recently announced its agreement with Bill Post of Kingsland, Arkansas to market and sell Post’s custom, handmade knives. Like the legendary knifemaker Bill Moran, founder of the bladesmith school in Old Washington, Arkansas, where the first Bowie Knife was made, Bill... - June 08, 2010 and Secret Weapon Lures Announce Strategic Partnership and Secret Weapon Lures recently formed a strategic partnership whereby will market and sell Secret Weapon Lures’ innovative products. A distinguishing characteristic of is that the website’s products are developed... - June 02, 2010 Posts Sneaky-NES Products' InvisiTrail and InvisiSleeve UV Marking Kits recently announced the posting of Sneaky-NES Products’ InvisiTrail and InvisiSleeve UV Marking Kits to assist hunters in finding a trail or an arrow in the dark. The InvisiTrail Marking Kit consists of biodegradeable wooden sticks coated with Sneaky-NES’... - May 17, 2010

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