Clark Philippines Yats Leisure Unveils Attractive Investment Opportunities

Clark Philippines is also known as Clark Freeport Zone is now the preferred destination for foreign and local investments because it offers many attractive advantages including tax, safety and its own international airport.

Seoul, Korea, South, May 20, 2010 --( Yats International is itself an stakeholder in Clark Philippines owning and operating several establishments in the hospitality industry. Yats has worked with local and foreign investors to successfully establish businesses inside Clark Freeport Zone. Here are some of the most attractive investment opportunities:

Residential House and Lots
There is a 22000 sq meter (2.2 hectare) lot located adjacent to the beautiful Clearwater Resort and Country Club ( available for a 40-year long lease. This prime property located behind the shopping malls of Clark's central business district has a full view of the 2.5-hectare lake of Clearwater Resort making it a very attractive property for residential development, a subdivision of housing lots. Estimated price for the land is US$2.8 Million.

Mixed-used Condominium/Office medium-rise building
Apartments and condominiums are peculiarly absent in Clark Freeport. Most residents of Clark are forced to make do with villas and townhouses, even if they really require something simple such as a one- or two-bedroom 60-100sm apartment/condo. Although Clark Philippines was more of a travel, tourism and recreational destination in the past, the emergence of large businesses such as Texas Instruments, Samsung and a number of large BPO centers as well as new casinos and hotels, has led to an acute shortage of apartment units. There is a 30000 sq meter (3 hectare) property located in Clark’s central business district, actually neighboring Texas Instruments, available for sale (long lease). Business activities approved for this property include leisure and tourism projects, resident, low- and medium-rise structures for mix-used including light industry and warehouses aside from residential and vacation homes. Estimate price for the land is US$3 Million.

With new golf courses springing up in and around Clark Philippines and an ever-increasing patronage by tourists from neighboring South Korea, Clark Freeport is short on hotel accommodation. A very interesting property has just become available for purchase. It is a garden-styled restaurant that was built on 3000 sq meters of land. The property has excess land sufficient in size to build a 20- to 40-room “inn.” It is located near Clearwater Resort & Country Club within Clark Freeport’s Central Business District. Estimated price for the land plus improvements is US$550,000.

Golf Course Development
Even with the addition of 27 holes in 2009 and 2010, there is an acute shortage golf tee times for at least 5-6 months each year. Local players compete with frustrated (golf) tourists from Korea and China for tee times. Unfortunately Clark Philippines doesn’t have the luxury of vast tracts of land suitable for this type of development. However there is a 93-hectare property within 30-minutes of Clark Freeport in neighboring city of Magalang, Pampanga (adjacent to Angeles City) that was slated for golf course development. The development can acquire a small property inside Clark Freeport to shuttle tourists from Clark to Magalang. The property lies on the foothills of the majestic Mount Arayat with a full view of Clark and the entire San Fernando valley, quite breathtaking. This is a free-hold property with commercial titles. Estimated price for this land is US$10 Million.

Small-to-Medium Sized Investments
There are numerous opportunities for investments between US$100,000 and $500,000. These opportunities are especially attractive for semi-retirement lifestyles. The easiest and safest way to go about with this kind of investments is to deal with an existing business – a locator as business in Clark is called – so the investor is spared of the hassle of dealing with red-tape and bureaucracy that is always present in third-world countries. The existing locator has already cleared the path so to speak and even if it means asking for small premium for a partnership, it is very much worth the while of a new investor to take this route. Business opportunities depend largely on the skills, interests and experiences of the investors but there is a strong demand for more establishments in these areas: entertainment, shops, office space, construction and engineering services, restaurants and bars, transportation and travel assistance.

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