Yats Leisure Offers Special Shuttle Bus Service from Manila to 2012 Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark

Getting to the 17th Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark is a challenge for Manila residents. Special Hot Air Balloon Excursion Packages offer a convenient solution for 2012 Hot Air Balloon Festival. - January 23, 2012

Yats Leisure Adds Outdoor Amenities to Attract More Visitors from Manila to Relax in Clark Pampanga Philippines

New amenities introduced to Yats Leisure's popular beach resort include barbecue facilities for cookout, grill food, camping and picnic grounds designed for families and school picnics. These outdoor facilities blend in with lake, beach and trees of Philippines Clark's natural ambiance to render a laid back lifestyle. - November 28, 2010

Philippines Angeles City Clark Freeport Resort Hotel Yats Leisure Unveils Overnight Package Inclusive of Meals

Yats Leisure's Family Hotel in Clark Philippines Clearwater Resort is located in Clark Philippines just 60 minutes from Manila making it a popular resort hotel for a weekend getaway from the city, especially for family vacation and retreat when there are young children in the group. - July 01, 2010

Yats Leisure Clark Philippines Offers Assistance to Foreign Investment in Land Development, Residential and Commercial Projects

3 hectares of Land for long-term lease is offered through Yats Leisure Clark Philippines for mixed-use development in the central business district of Pampanga Clark Freeport's main zone. - July 01, 2010

Yats Leisure Offers Live Screening of FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer in Philippines at the London Pub in Angeles City Mimosa Clark Freeport

Philippines Angeles City Clark Freeport Pampanga responding to 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer craze, now offers live screening direct from South Africa, at The London Pub in Mimosa, next to Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar. - June 18, 2010

Clark Philippines Clearwater Resort Offers Special Father's Day Package Inclusive of Overnight Stay and Special Dinner at Yats Restaurant in Mimosa

Father's day gifts don't have to be a tie or a bottle of single malt whiskey. Daddy can spend a nice day in Clark Philippines Clearwater Resort and enjoy a sumptuous Father's Day dinner at Yats Restaurant in Mimosa with mom and a good vintage wine. - June 11, 2010

Yats Wine Cellars Offers Wines for Beginners at Its Public Wine Tasting in Manila Philippines and Angeles City Clark Freeport

Yats Wine Experience is a public wine appreciation event. Because there are no sponsors, participants are never exposed to pushy wine salesmen or subjected to boring sales pitches and speeches. Every event has a different theme designed to highlight a certain aspect in wine appreciation. - June 11, 2010

Clark Philippines Legal Counseling, Tax and Assistance in Setting Up a Business in Freeport Zone Now Available, as Reported by Yats Leisure

Philippines Clark Freeport offers attractive investment opportunities. Assistance in law, taxes and other business and investment matters can be obtained from Clark Business and Investment Assistance. - June 01, 2010

Clark Philippines Yats Leisure Unveils Attractive Investment Opportunities

Clark Philippines is also known as Clark Freeport Zone is now the preferred destination for foreign and local investments because it offers many attractive advantages including tax, safety and its own international airport. - May 20, 2010

Yats Leisure Announces -Inclusive Golfing Packages for 2010 in Clark Philippines

Clark Philippines golfing packages include overnight stay at Clearwater plus one or two rounds of golf at the new and beautiful FAKGC golf course in Clark Philippines and quality meals also. - April 21, 2010

Yats Leisure Offers Packages for Summer Company Outings in Safe and Accessible Event Venue Near Manila

Event organizers place a great deal of emphasis on safety and security in choosing an event venue near Manila this year for company outings. Many prefer Clark Freeport's lake/beach property of Yats called Clearwater Resort. Clark is a mere 70 minutes by highway from Manila. - March 23, 2010

Yats Leisure Announces Packages for Holy Week Getaway in Clark Philippines

Rooms are difficult to book during Holy Week in the Philippines. With recession still taking its toll on pockets, Clark Freeport becomes an attractive alternative to travelling abroad. Clearwater Resort is a popular choice for this year's Holy Week Getaway. - March 04, 2010

2010 Hot Air Balloon Clark - Yats Leisure Offers Advice to Those Unable to Book a Room

2010 Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Freeport Philippines is near. Many visitors are unable to secure a room on Feb 13th. But there are other ways to enjoy this 4-day event. - February 03, 2010

The Prime Main Zone of Philippines Clark Freeport is Almost Totally Occupied. Foreign Investors Rush to Submit Offers to Yats Leisure for 12ha Prime Land.

Clark Freeport is a popular destination for Foreign Investments going into Philippines but land in prime locations are very scarce. Clark Land Development just put 8ha of prime land on the market located in Central Business District in Philippines Clark Freeport's Main Zone. This is one of the last remaining choice properties in the main zone of Clark Freeport. - January 28, 2010

To Prevent Dengue Fever in Philippines, Yats Leisure Makes Mosquito Repellent Patches Available in Philippines

Although measures are taken on a bigger scale to fight Dengue in the Philippines, the individual has only one effective way to avoid contracting Dengue Fever and that is to avoid mosquito bites. Moquito Repellent Patches now available in Philippines are especially useful for young children. - January 24, 2010

Yats Leisure Reports Three New Concerns in Recent Survey on Companies Selecting Venue for Company Outing in 2010

Yats Leisure conducted a survey of HR and Office Managers of 100 companies asking them to name the top three concerns when selecting a venue for this year's company outing. Security tops the list. - January 13, 2010

Yats Leisure Adds Kayaking and Boating in Philippines to Its Clearwater Lake in Clark Freeport Pampanga

Kayaking and Canoeing facilities added to Clark's Clearwater Lake. Yats Leisure address three important concerns of leisure tourists, namely safety, hygiene and convenience. Other outdoor amenities such as camping, beach and water sports are also available at Clearwater Resort in Clark Philippines. - December 31, 2009

Yats Leisure Announces Plan to Add Specialty Wine Shop in Clark Freeport Inside Clark Recently Upgraded Oxford Hotel

This is a Wine Shop with a twist, called the Yats Wine Shop, it offers taste and buy with their wide selection of wine served by the glass from afternoon to evening. Shoppers taste, like and then buy. - December 19, 2009

Yats Leisure Offers 3 Hectares of Land for Development in Clark Philippines

Clark Freeport is a high-growth destination for Foreign Investments going into Philippines but land in prime locations are very scarce. 3ha of prime land located in Central Business District has just been offered on the market. - December 12, 2009

What's New This Christmas in Manila Philippines? Yats Leisure Unveils Do-It-Yourself Private Wine Tasting Party.

New 2009 idea in celebrating Christmas in Manila Philippines is to hold a Private Wine Tasting at home or office. Yats Leisure organizes everything from wine to service, one-stop shopping for Christmas Party in Manila. - November 06, 2009

Yats Leisure Offers Picnic Packages at Clearwater Resort Picnic Venue Philippines

Yats Leisure's Clearwater Resort in Angeles Clark Philippines is preferred picnic venues in Philippines. Picnic packages include delectable picnic lunch prepared by fine dining Yats Restaurant makes picnic memorable. - November 01, 2009

New Event Venue in Subic Philippines - Yats Leisure's Clearwater Resort

Yats Leisure opens Clearwater Resort in Angeles Clark Philippines – an American suburban lifestyle of leisure and laid-back quality living, with venues for events, wedding reception, company outings and team building. - October 30, 2009

Lawn Tennis Court Opens at Yats Leisure's Clearwater Resort & Country Club

Lawn tennis is not easy to find in Asia but Yats Leisure's Clearwater Resort & Country Club just renovated its tennis garden to include a lawn tennis court. - October 19, 2009

New Hotel in Clark Philippines Offer Facilities Suited to Family Vacation - Yats Clearwater Resort & Country Club

Yats Leisure's Clearwater Resort in Clark Philippines offers full-board packages valid until the end of the year, including a sumptuous dinner at the fine dining Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar. - October 18, 2009

Yats Leisure Opens New Venue Designed for Pre-Nuptial Photo Shoot

Prenuptial venue for romantic photo shoot iin Philippines at Clearwater Resort & Country Club now ready for booking. - October 15, 2009

Yats Leisure Has Established a Division to Facilitate Retirements in Philippines

Yats Leisure recommends Clark Philippines as primary destination for retirement in Philippines. Cost is low and the quality of living is high. Some may also establish a small business also. - October 05, 2009

Yats Leisure Adds Destination to Places to Visit in Clark Philippines for Tourists

Yats Leisure organizes day trips for Clark tourists to enjoy Clearwater Resort & Country Club. - September 28, 2009

Yats Leisure Offers Rooms for Long-Stay in Clark Philippines

Demand for 1- to 6-month serviced residential solutions far outpaces supply in Clark Philippines, but Yats Leisure opens up some rooms in its Clearwater Resort for long-stay guests. - September 27, 2009

Yats Leisure Announces Christmas Party Venue in Philippines

Looking for a suitable venue to celebrate Christmas this year? Yats offers excellent venues at very affordable prices for a very special Christmas party this year. - September 26, 2009

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