Sunset Jazz Sets Up "The Gift" for Its Worldwide Release by the Legendary Jazz Pianist, Anthony Geraci

New York, NY, May 21, 2010 --( If you could look deep within the soul of Vermont jazz pianist Anthony Geraci, you would be able to envision to what is laid down on his brand new jazz CD, The Gift.

Sunset Jazz sets up “The Gift” for its worldwide release by the legendary jazz pianist, Anthony Geraci.

There is a wonderfully classic feel about Anthony Geraci’s s piano playing. His profuse ability to create a traditional, classic and legendary sounding CD of music is a throw back to the earlier eras of jazz music. The full length CD, The Gift is set up for a June 8, 2010 release day. Aside from the jazz styled arrangement of the Green Day song, “Wake Me Up Before September Ends, Geraci includes his own compositions on the (9) nine songs compact disc set.

The first song is entitled “Alyakim” and is a classic ballad with major influences from old school jazz artists. Flakey Foont, his composition with incredible piano and organ work. This song is fittingly the next (second) song on the record and is a great representation of Anthony Geraci at his best. You can the great influences of the best players and the likes of Bill Evans, Gene Harris and Bud Powell, all the while developing his own legendary sound. On this disc as a solo artist, The Gift takes jazz fans back to hearing that a renewed sense of melody to what are classic tunes. The third song and eighth song on The Gift CD are two of three songs (Alyakim) named after his (Anthony Geraci’s) children, Jason’ Lament and Toddicus Rex envoking what was described to “reveal new wonders” in the liner notes written up by Michael “Mudcat” Ward.

“The Gift” is/was intended to be a classic jazz sounding album, and executive producer and Sunset Jazz label head, Don Lichterman accepted the delivered album without any technical overdubs, splicing and without major editing. The end result is a full length CD of traditional jazz styled songs with great melodies, beautiful chordal structures and a classic jazz sound. “This is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time,” (Don) Lichterman said about the Gift” CD, and that “it is where I want the jazz (Sunset Jazz) label today.”

(Anthony) Geraci can be heard on classic jazz works and has played with legendary music artists like Chuck Berry, Otis Rush, B. B. King, Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Charles Musselwhite, and Ronnie Earl and is one of the founding members of the classic band, Sugar Ray Bluetones. Geraci had been nominated on two separate occasions for the 2008 W.C. Handy Awards and was a Grammy Nominee in 2000. Lichterman goes on to say that he wants to “create a prestigious label with Sunset Jazz and the significance of Anthony’s (Geraci) influences in the jazz community will be heard on the new album (The Gift). Geraci’s style of playing characterizes what the popular jazz culture has grown over decades and to this day,” says (Don) Lichterman.

Geraci seems to also be a fine artist on his own. His new album, “The Gift.” is impressive modern day albums that no doubt a timeless jazz album. The CD shows that Anthony Geraci top pianists and arrangers on the jazz scene. This CD presents the best opportunity for jazz aficionados to become very familiar with the jazz styled pianist. What is most impressive for jazz, Geraci’s use of his piano, creating what sound like old-time jazz classics. His obvious influences with Art Tatum and other pianists of that early era, is easy to see on songs like Neda and Provence, and you can also look for other inspiring feelings such tunes as “I Can’t Go Back To You.” And, rounding off the nine (9) song CD set is the third song, “You Don't Know What Love Is,” another times jazz ballad.

Anthony Geraci is fast becoming a fixture in the global jazz scene playing countries like The Netherlands this week, and playing jazz festivals around the United States starting in June (Nebraska). Whether it’s creating its own interpretations and arrangements of modern rock tunes, like Green Days “Wake Me Up Before September Ends,” let alone his own composed material, e is indeed a master at his craft. And, while he’s (Geraci) performed on many albums, “The Gift” is the first full length recording released to a worldwide target audience by a major Indy label (Sunset Jazz Recordings), its great to hear the featured Geraci exclusively in this solo context. (Don) Lichterman goes on to say that “it’s a mesmerizing album of music with the kind of playing that’s impressive for jazz aficionados and it’s an accessible album for all newcomer’s that are just getting into jazz music.”

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